OhEzTouch - Simple wall mount touch display with ESP32

Hello Carsten!

Is it possible to rotate the Display? I already tried with “tft.setRotation” and switching the Height and width of the display, but that breaks the touch capability. I guess I have to set the calibration somehow?

Bye, Frido.

Hi Frido,

tft.setRotation is intended to be used for the different screen rotations of the 2.4" and 2.8" screens. The touch input orientation is the same on both display types. Therefore this setting.

What are you trying to achieve?

May be I will implement 90° rotation in the near future since I need it for a vertical mount on a timber…

Hi Micheal,

I will have a look at the issue with the favorite list in the next couple of days.
R ight now coverart will not work due to limited free memory. I’m going to switch the underlying dev framework to get more flexibility in terms of memory management. Maybe coverart will become possible then.

Thank you for the reply Carsten. I want to mount the screen above a row of switches (who are just as wide as the AZ-Touch), where it will look nicer in horizontal orientation.
Just not sure how the TFT will take it if it is on all the time :slight_smile:

Bye, Frido.

Found another reason to mount the display horizontally (while trying to mount one in landscape):
The 2.8“ Screen is a lot less washed out when viewed from an angle in that orientation (have not checked the 2.4“ yet)

But maybe I am only spoiled from Apple Displays :slight_smile:

Bye, Fridolin.

Hi Carsten!

thanks a lot for this great firmware, this is exactly what I searched for as room thermostats!

I’m just struggling with the BME280 implementation:
I have connected SDA on pin 33, SCL on pin 32 and configured it on the web-frontend:

Where does this sensor show up? Do I need to configure it in OH?
Or is there a debug output somewhere?

Any help would be appreciated!


Hey Christian,
you have to define those items in OpenHAB.

Number:Temperature      kueche-temp    "Temperatur  [%.1f °C]"   <temperature>
Number:Dimensionless    kueche-hum     "Luftfeuchte [%d %%]"     <humidity>
Number:Dimensionless    kueche-druck   "Luftdruck [%d hPa]"      <pressure>

Then they will be updated automatically by the wall mount display by using the OpenHAB REST API.

Note: The electronics of the display generates some heat. Place the sensor at the very bottom close to the ventilation opening of the case. I have also added some shielding to guide the air flow a bit.

Hope that helps,

Works like a charm!
Thank you so much!