OHv2 installing regex? (Error downloading)

OHv2.5.10 on rPi3

I am trying to install regex by adding it to the addons.cfg like so:

transformation = map,javascript,xslt,scale,jsonpath,regex

… but it produces this error:

2021-11-02 11:50:11.461 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing 'openhab-transformation-regex': Error:
	Error downloading mvn:org.openhab.ui.bundles/org.openhab.ui.paper/[2.5.0,2.6)

Is there still away to add regex to OHv2.5.10?

[edit1] Tried to install via the PaperUI; it now circles forever on installing, and creates the error message above. Is there a way to stop / cancel this?[/edit1]

Please upgrade to OH3

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Appreciate the hint… :slight_smile: too much time required to convert, which I currently do not have.

I read somewhere that the build process has changed or some server costs money and the files have moved??

The bintray service where all thew build artifacts were hosted by openHAB was shut down. Only the latest OH 2.5 and later artifacts were preserved and moved to jfrog. Search the forum and you’ll see lots of posts about that. The tl;dr is you need to modify apt to use a different repo.

Alternatively you can download the full set of add-ons from Download openHAB | openHAB. Scroll down to the the box that says something like “download openHAB 2.5 add-ons”. Place the .kar file you’ve downloaded into your OH’s addons folder.

I highly recommend that anyone who plans on running a no longer supported version of OH to do this. And any any additional changes to any such system should be minimized to the greatest extend possible. At some point something is going to change that will break things and minimizing changes will buy you more time until that happens. Of course it will happen someday and the longer you wait the more work it will be to upgrade and get back to a working system.

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