Oil Tank sensor

Hi all

Maybe some one has allready solved that and is able to help…
We have an oil tank in our house which I would love to monitor with my OH Installation.
Tried to find some sensor in the wild, ending at Proteus eco frog …but there’s no binding suporting that piece.
Any ideas which sensor to use? Should be wifi or zigbee and without monthly fees for cloud usage or something similar. (and easy to install on my tank :innocent:)


You don’t mention what you actually want to sense. The Eco Frog is a level sensor - presumably that’s what you’re after: oil level within your tank?

I had a look at oil level sensor some time ago too, and I found OilFox which is available in DACH region.
If you search on Internet you will solutions to use it with OpenHab.

Sorry :roll_eyes:
Yes, oil level within my tank

Thank you …did a short research on that. Seems that there’s only a version 2 on the market which uses wifi and sim and is bound to a monthly fee.
I do use OH3 and there’s no binding for this sensor? (Search for oil fox had no result)

I’m using ESP8266 mini board with Ultrasonic sensor (Wasserdichte Ultraschall Modul JSN SR04T Wasser Proof Integrierte Entfernung Messumformer Sensor|Sensors| - AliExpress). I use MQTT for communication with OH. I’m willing to share source code, which is poorly documented, but simple. It works very well, accurate to 1cm, which in my tank means cca 10 liters.With averaging trough a day, data is very consistent.


In case you want to build your own sensor, like @Sas_Bibic mentioned, I recommend the following viideo.

It explaines different methodes and their dis/advantages.

Thank you …actually wanted to buy not build :grimacing: …but maybe this story will result in diy.
Could you please share your solution?

Thnx …will need that for sure as soon it will go the diy way

This is my solution for the oil amaount…I calculate my oil tank level with the runtime of the oil burner. I measured the consumption per hour run time.
With this value you can calculate the consumed oil pretty exactly. You just need the signal when the burner starts and stops.

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Very interesting way of solving this kind of problem …thanks for that.
In my case not really useful cause I’d have to connect my burner to get the events which are needed …and mine is offline …maybe that will be the next step :thinking:

Connecting the burner is not a big deal.
I use a small relais which is connected parallel to the burner. This relais sends the on/off state to openhab. My burner isn‘t smart at all, it is just a 40€ device connected to it to get the current state :slight_smile:
This was for me the best and cheapest way to measure the oil consumption.

Will have a look on that.

I did something similar in my home to calculate the level of oil in my underground oil tank. I used a normally open current sensing switch which I just had to feed the power line going from the boiler controller to the pump on the burner through. That switch then closes as soon as the burner is turned on. That in turn I have connected to a z wave door/window sensor which was equipped with terminals to accommodate a remote switch, then when the switch turns on Openhab records the time and when it turns off it calculates the run time and deducts the volume of oil from the oil tank item based on the run time and the known feed rate on the burner nozzle. I set it up a little more than 6 months ago and I stuck the tank after 5 months and it matched the physical reading nearly exactly. I still need to set up a way to add an oil delivery in my user interface without just going in and updating the number through the rest interface.

It works great, and my wife no longer has to keep asking me if I have checked the tank recently. We can just check where it is on the Openhab interface any time.

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also a nice way to get it solved …thnx for that

I use VL53L1X by tasmota mqtt