Older Things from Hue Binding missing their Channels

I added this comment to a post started by another user, but figured I’d cross-post here to the proper forum section. I’m having a problem with the Hue binding. It’s not showing the Channels on some of my Things, even though the Channels exist and in many cases have items linked to them.

I’ve had my hue lights set up for several years, and everything has been fine. Today I was troubleshooting an issue with some color temperature rules and decided to switch to using one item linked to a Hue-created room instead of sending commands to two individual lights.

No problem, I already have the room as a “Thing”. In fact, I already have the Brightness channel for that thing linked to an item. I just need to create and link an item to the Color Temperature Channel… Except when I go to the “Channels” tab to add the link, there are no channels listed! I can bring up the “alarm” channel if I click the “show advanced” checkbox, but none of the normal channels are there.
I recently added new strip lights to my Hue collection, and they are still working just fine. All the Channels show up properly. But the Things for the all of the older lights appear to be missing their channels, even though the old items linked to those channels still exist and work just fine.

I’ve considered removing one of the older Things and re-creating it and its associate items, but since they’re working at the moment, I don’t really want to break it and then find out that whatever is causing this prevents me from setting it back up properly.

I have no idea when the Channels stopped showing up in the UI, because this is the first time in along while that I’ve brought up these older Things to make any changes. I’m on openHAB 3.2.0 M5, and these older lights and their associated items and things were all set up in openHAB 2. Maybe there was a breaking change involving the UI between 2 and 3?

EDIT: I got brave and deleted the Thing. I then scanned for new Things, re-added it, and the Channels are all showing up properly now. I think this is just an upgrade bug. Deleting and re-adding the Things has worked for me… and even re-linked the items that were already linked.

Anyway, if anyone else has this issue, hopefully this post will help them out!


If a binding update causes a Thing definition to change, there is no automatic review of existing Things when binding update is installed. Existing Things of the affected type may or may not function, until deleted/recreated using the new “shape”.

This sort of effect should be advised in release notes.
Well spotted, as to cause associated with older Things :smiley:

Yep, this was interesting. I was able right now to set the color temperature of a light but the light doesn’t even have that channel in the GUI…