OMG! OH3 is amazing, because I (with all your help) achieved this!

Hello Together,

has someone an idea why the BackgroundImage works well on the “Home Pages” but not with the widgets of the “Overview” page.

I think it’s because the components on the homepages are quite different (oh-location-card, oh-equipment-card) than the widget cards. If you hit ctrl+space in the yaml editor, you see what properties the widget supports and oh-knob-cell doesn’t have the background property.

Hi Michael,
I found the background images sized around 500 x 300 worked best. Sometimes the first couple of times the image displayed might appear blurred; and then after the next reboot, or reload of the app (under the About left menu option ) seemed to correct it.
Hope this helps

That’s awesome stuff!
Thank you for sharing, Andy.

I see you spend a lot of time on it.
Is there any option to call the Location site directly and not open the “Overview” page by default?

Amazing work, very inspiring! I am fighting with OH3 at the moment but that has given me some motivation to carry on. Can you explain how the slot types work. I see header, glance and default as well as names on the line underneath slots:
what does this signify. I can’t find any documentation.

I’m trying to recreate my sitemaps in the main UI because it looks much better. But i’m struggling a bit. In the default tabs location / equipment and properties the cell are nice and big and are capable of background. I want to do the same in the overview tab but i only got small cells which are not capable of background image.

Does anyone know how to create bigger cells, as big as in the locations tab?

I think i’ve been wrong about this. Looking at the code of that example:

It seems that you also cann add background to the widgets in the overview page

That looks like something I meant. But we have to use the F7 cards in stead of cells. Must admit, that miflore page looks great. The cells also do look awesome, specially with an image as background.

With the help of all of you and some good inspirations i achieved a status where i can start “beta” using the new OH3 with my beta testers, my family :slight_smile: . Thank you everyone for contributing and sharing your knowledge.

The semantic model is really great and gives a lot of structure. the automatically created location sites are very helpful and safes a lot of time.

However what i really find amazing is the opportunity to build pages like you want and the ability to customize almost everything. I believe i am still at the beginning and learning on the fly, but now have a structure in place where i can start developing from. I am fan of consistency, so i tried to be as consistent as possible with the widgets. Here is a glance of my status as of now.

Screenshot 2021-02-08 183834

Screenshot 2021-02-08 184019

Work in progress:

  • build a good structured, not too overloaded overview page
  • optimize popup´s / popover ( not happy with the popups being in top left corner, so using popovers for the time being )
  • garden / outdoor pages
  • “administrator pages” ( energy, consumption…)
  • optimize widgets look and feel
  • optimize location cards

Not getting boring. :slight_smile:


@andydukes can you explain the widgets bit a bit more - how do you get to the point of:
a) a widget appearing “inline” in a locations card
b) getting a widget to appear as a popup from clicking “something” (group? item?)

I can quite work out the glue from Location card to widget.

To change how an Item appears on the Location, Equipment, and Properties cards:

  1. navigate to the Item
  2. add “default list widget” metadata to define how you want to widget to appear
  3. refresh the page

See Example Custom List Widgets for a bunch fo examples.

Note, if you have a lot of Items that you want to use the same widget you should create a Custom Widget (under Developer Tools) and reuse that as your default list widget for your similar Items.

For the popup, you need to change the Action on the widget to open the popup.

Note, all of the widgets shown in those cards are list widgets.

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@rlkoshak - as always clear and concise, thanks again I now have a tri state widget - interestingly on another thread where we were working on the formatting (which is oddly out on this card) you CAN set the widget parameters in the item properties, unlike if added to a list item on a personal card.

What kind of widgets are these two?

  • internet speed
  • „Waschraum“ energy consumption

I am looking for a simple way of tracking the energy consumption of specific devices within the house. I have the smart plugs and everything set up but not the right widget yet.

these are out of the box label cells