Omnilink Aux Temp Sensor Reading Not expected

Raspberry PI Openhabian

I added my aux temperature sensors and I’m seeing higher then expected temps in logs as shown below. In this log, zone 12 is my outside temp sensor, and shoule be currently around 19 degrees. Temps show up fine in SnapLink but I see a value of 101 in the logs. I must have a config error I have not located?

Number Aux_Temp "Outside Temperature [%d °F]"	(Outside_Temperature) ["Temperature"] {channel="omnilink:zone:c0a588cb:12:current_condition"}
15:59:01.255 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Aux_Temp changed from NULL to 0
15:59:01.261 [INFO ] [home.event.ItemChannelLinkAddedEvent] - Link 'Aux_Temp-omnilink:zone:c0a588cb:12:current_condition' has been added.
15:59:13.786 [DEBUG] [nilink.handler.OmnilinkBridgeHandler] - Received Object Status Notification that was not processed: ExtendedObjectStatus(super=ObjectStatus(statusType=8, statuses=[AuxSensorStatus(super=Status(number=29), status=0, temp=101, heatSetpoint=0, coolSetpoint=0)]), recordLength=6)