OmniLink User Settings

Is there any way to access/modify OmniPro II User Settings (days of the week, durations, etc) with the OmniLink binding and OH3? Thank you!

No, it isn’t possible. My memory (potentially incorrect) is that those elements were added later
in the Omni’s life and the API was never published publicly.

If you happen to know of other open source programs who have that capability it would be possible to use that knowledge to add it to the binding.

@broconne I’m still using an old iPhone app (Space/Home) and the app supports the full User Settings set but the developer is no longer active.

I’m attaching OL-II Rev 3 protocol description that includes User Settings. Let me know if this help.
HAI_Omni-Link_II_Protocol_Rev_3.0.pdf (454.9 KB)

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