On/off plug state


I have an on/off switch controlling the power for a ventilation unit which I run when the humidity in the bathroom exceeds a threshold, and turn it off again when the humidity is low. This has worked like a charm for a while.

I just moved my OpenHAB VM to another hypervisor a couple days ago along with the zwave USB stick and everything seems to work, except that the plug seems unable to report it’s actual state.

Rule snippet:

if (Bathroom_humidity.state < 60 &&  Bathroom_upstairs_humidity.state < 60) {
                                 //if (Metered_plug_ventilation_switch.state == ON ) {
                                        sendCommand(Metered_plug_ventilation_switch, OFF)

I had to comment out the state check to get the rule to turn it off which works but now it sends the OFF over and over again.

The plug thing:

Switch Metered_plug_ventilation_switch { channel="zwave:device:controller:node4:switch_binary", autoupdate="false" }

Also, there is no zwave device map in habmin.

I believed the state of the plug should reflect reality with autoupdate=false but that is not the case. Any suggestions on what happened and how to fix it? Some sort of network problem?



What is the status of you view it in a sitemap or use the console smarthome:status Metered_plug_ventilation_switch ?

What hypervisor? The OpenHAB VM depends on the hypervisor for USB access.

I’ve re-instated my state check and will look at the switch button next time.

Both previous and present hypervisor was KVM with USB passthrough of the dongle to the VM.