Once a day a my contact sensors reports a false change

Hi All,

I have Xiaomi Aqara contact sensors. They are connected to a CC2531EMK Coordinator which is managed by Zigbee2mqtt. With a rule, I send a notification by telegram when the contact is opened:

    rule "Briefkasten"
    	Item Briefkasten_Kontakt changed to OPEN
    	sendTelegram("Bot", "Du hast Post!")

This works fine, except for one thing. Every day, at the same time + 1 minute, I receive this notificatio without the sensor was realy opened. Does someone have an idea where I can search for the reason?


Assuming you have no other rules related to that item, I would be looking at the sensor or the controller.

Do other sensors also do this, or is it just the one you mentioned?

Can we see your events.log for this period, anything else going on at time?