One little big improvement

I had some problems with my oh3 installation and so i had to add things, select items and do all the integration stuff several times. One thing tht would be very helpful for the workflow would be if when a site with a searchbar is entered the cursor focus is set to the searchbar. It feels like i have headed the mouse 1000times to the searchbar an klicked it just to type two letters to finde some things or items.

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Seconded, it would be great if things like the model display would remember what levels were opened up too, rather than starting with only the top level down.

When creating items goto the model sections and create items from equipment select thing then enter expert mode.

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I think I misunderstood the original post - that said, I still think it would help greatly if the UI remembered what you had done - for instance,

  • goto Settings -> Items
  • type something into the search bar at the top
  • select one of the items
  • go back
    the search bar retains what you searched for, but doesn’t execute the search you typed - you have to delete/re-type the last letter to get it to search.

Similarly, with the model view, it always defaults to top level items only - typically the things you want to look at/edit will be those equipment/points at the lowest points in the hierarchy, you open up Floor, Room, Equipment to get to a Point, edit it, click back and viola, back to the beginning, needing to open up all levels again.


One more:
In settings > things: “sort by binding” isn’t saved. If one thing is clicked and going back to the list “sort alphabetical” is choosen.

But: big KUDOS for the devs. The new UI is briliant.


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