One more reason to switch to openHAB

In case you are not aware, over the past 3 years, iRule LLC has been developing a new product in conjunction with Kramer Electronics who purchased iRule LLC in December of 2016. During that development, the iRule Development Team worked to stabilize both the iRule & ON Controls products. After the last updated release, we have since halted all other development of the iRule & ON Controls products so that we could focus our resources on building Kramer Control. Based upon reactions thus far, we believe that Kramer Control will be the next GREAT Commercial Control Platform!

We know that you are likely wondering how this will affect you, your projects, and your customers. Because of this, we have enacted the following timeline so that you will be well informed and have time to make any necessary adjustments.

Today (September 29, 2017)

Official announcement will go out to iRule users, ON Controls dealers, websites, and social media.
iRule GetSatisfaction forum will be turned over to a user run forum, that will be funded by iRule so that current users and future users can find and exchange information.
ON Controls will no longer accept new dealers.
December 31, 2018

All sales of iRule & ON Controls products will cease.
December 31, 2021

iRule & ON Controls Servers will be shut down. *Note – ALL Existing projects will continue to function as normal, however, no new changes will be able to be made to the projects.
We realize that this can impact your business and we hope that by delaying the server shutdown until the end of 2021, we are giving you a sufficient amount of time to transition to a new platform. If you are interested in finding out more about Kramer Control and how this new platform can work for you, please follow this link

Thank you for your business and your enthusiasm over the past 8 years!

iRule LLC a Kramer Electronics Company