One our time difference in influx (on Linux it's correct)

if I start an simple interactive query from Shell
(i.e.: # influx -execute "select * from TABLE " -database=“openhab” -precision=“rfc3339”

The time in the output shows one hour ealier (show 7:00, correct will be 8:00) as it was really written.

“date” on Linux show the time correct:
We Nov 14 8:00:00 CET 2018

How can i fix this issue?
Environment from the Shell, option inside influx ?

They are both correct. The Influx value is given in Zulu time/UTC (indicated by the “Z” in the ISO timestamp), whereas your timezone is CET, which has an offset of one hour. Both timestamps are describing the same point in time.

Shure, but whe testing and try to anlyze entries this issue will it make not easier (add one hour …)

No solution possible?

this is the OH2 forum, not the Influx forum :slight_smile: