One wire temperature sensors on RPI do not work

I have a challenge to get my temperature sensors working again. (this worked for a previous version)
My configuration: RPi with OH2 v2.4, 1wire temperature sensor via a USB 1wire adapter DS9490R (DS18B20),
I have been puzzling for many evenings, reading a lot of examples that could be applicable, on “”.
I do have a part running en, “onewire: owserver: mybridge” and when I look at OWSERVER ip…: 2121 I also see all 9 sensors live, but I don’t see them in my “frontail” view log as item .
Should there be something in “rrd4j.persist” ??
Below the data in my “things” and the “Item”

Bridge onewire:owserver:mybridge [ network-address=“”, port=4304] {
Thing temperature 81A3A238000000 “test1” [
id=“81.A3A238000000”, // dit is adress van USB stick
] {
Type temperature : temperature [ resolution=“11” ]

Number MySensor “MySensor [%.1f °C]” { channel=“onewire:temperature:mybridge:28_FFE073631604:temperature” }

when I look through paper IU I also see all sensors but nowhere see the live data.
Can anyone help me with this??```

Thing id is different in thing definition and item
definition. Check for the _

And 81 is not an ID for a DS18B20 IIRC.