Onewire BMS multisensor error: required properties missing

I am using OH 2.5.4 with Onewire binding and a network of currently 20 sensors of different types.
Two BMS Multisensors are part of the network, one of them if working fine, but the other displays “OFFLINE - CONFIGURATION_ERROR required properties missing”.
The OWFS page shows both sensor with measured values.
I have tried with the paper UI and with the things - file. But I always got the same result.
Reconnecting to the old system 2.4 shows that all sensors are Online.

One interesting detail: the search function in the PaperUI finds the temperature sensor part of the missing BMS sensor.
I would like to complete the installation with more BMS sensors, so it would be good to find the reason for this behaviour.
Thank you for your ideas to find the problem.

So the sensor works fine when you use discovery? Then it‘s a configuration issue.

No, I can’t get the sensor online, neither with discovery nor with manual adding.
I tried also using the things file with the same result: One BMS is onlinethe other one not.

Ah. I misread your first post. The temperature sensor that is part of the BMS is discovered as a single temperature sensor, not as part of the BMS?

Please check in OWFS web service what page.4 to page.7 under pages of your BMS are showing.

yes, it is discovered as temperature sensor 28.E0C442090000.

The main ID of the BMS sensor is 26.E4EB1D020000
The pages are:
4 0000000000000000
5 2607E11E00000000
6 28E0C44209000000
7 0000000000000000

Thanks for your support

That looks good, I thought that maybe the sensor was missing. What are the first two characters in page.3?

page 3 is F300000000000000

What BMS is this? I have nerver seen BMS with two DS2438, but that seems to be the case here (see page 5, there is a reference to a second DS2438 and a DS18B20 which usually is a sign for an AMS but those also have DS2413 as digital I/O).

I bought these two from Elaborated Networks two years ago. With OH 2.4 they were not automatically detected but after adding them as BMS manually they work for humidity and temperature.
Here for comparison page 5 from the working BMS: 0907E21E00000000.

You can try changing the entry in page 5 to 00 as first characters. I‘m quite sure that this will solve your issues. The question is, how that id of a DS2438 got there.

Hello Jan, this is the solution. Thank you for your support.
I never changed sensor data before. Maybe it was wrong configured by wiregate.
I’ve got no documentation about the pages data.
Anyway the problem is solved.
Thank you, best regards