OneWire humidity sensor / binding problem

I have a working & stable OH 1.8.3 setup using a recent version of the OneWire binding.

I’m having problems reading correct data from a new EDS model ENV-TH Onewire temp/humidity combo sensor I tried to add today. I know my overall OneWire/OH setup is fine because other sensors continue to function normally.

For some reason the OH OneWire binding appears to be able to access the new device but it is grabbing incorrect or spurious readings. Here’s the relevant part of my Items file showing the non-working ENV-TH sensor and a bunch of working DS18B20 sensors:

// Items file

// The new EDS model ENV-TH combo temp/humidity sensor, a single physical onewire device:
    Number BathroomCeilingTempSensor "[%.1f ºF]"  {onewire="deviceId=7E.062E00001000/EDS0065;propertyName=temperature;refreshinterval=30"}
    Number BathroomCeilingHumiditySensor "[%.1f Rel. Humid.]"  {onewire="deviceId=7E.062E00001000/EDS0065;propertyName=humidity;refreshinterval=30"}

// My previous (and still perfectly functioning) indepedent DS18B20 temp-only sensors:
    Number KitchenTempSensor "[%.1f °F]"  {onewire="deviceId=28.FF619C74160431;propertyName=temperature;refreshinterval=30;ignore85CPowerOnResetValues"}
    Number DiningRoomTempSensor "Dining Room [%.1f °F]"  {onewire="deviceId=28.FF78E870160305;propertyName=temperature;refreshinterval=30;ignore85CPowerOnResetValues"} 
    Number BathroomTempSensor "Bathroom [%.1f °F]"  {onewire="deviceId=28.FF3FD4741604FA;propertyName=temperature;refreshinterval=30;ignore85CPowerOnResetValues"}

The actual readings (as verified when viewing the sensor output directly on the OneWire busmaster device web status page) are in the vicinity of 55ºF and 50% rel. humidity.

But I am consistently getting the number “-0.065” for rel. humidity," and a number like “31.3ºF” for temperature. I am not mixing up device IDs as there are no temp sensors in any freezers so it’s impossible for any real temperature to be much below ambient.

I examined the raw .xml page output from the Onewire busmaster device to see if there were any structural differences between the DS18B20 read-outs and the ENV-TH read-out but didn’t find anything: they both respect the exact same simple key/value structure.

I verified that the new ENV-TH temp/humidity sensor shows up fine directly on the independent hardware Onewire busmaster device I use, the EDS model OW-SERVER-ENET2. (I.e. the direct web interface on the physical Onewire busmaster shows that the new ENV-TH sensor is connected and functioning normally.)

My overall data flow path is:
DS18B20’s and (1) ENV-TH temp/humidity sensor on physical 1Wire bus --> EDS OW-SERVER-ENET2 physical 1Wire busmaster device, which serves up the 1Wire data over Ethernet --> owserver daemon, running on the same host as my OpenHAB 1.8.3 installation --> OneWire binding in OpenHAB.

The only difference from the DS18B20’s is that, because the ENV-TH sensor has many more outputs (dewpoint, heat index, etc.), the raw sensor output is on a sub-page of the deviceID: deviceId=7E.062E00001000/EDS0065 (notice the forward-slash, then a directory name).

Whereas, the DS18B20’s have no subdirectory and are accessed directly at the main deviceID. I’m not sure if this is relevant in any way.

With appreciation for suggestions, thanks.

Progress update:

After extensive research this issue appears to be in the OWFS owserver daemon, which is not related to OpenHAB or the OneWire binding. I will update this thread with further info when the issue is resolved.