OneWire OWFS not work


I try to setup OneWire Binding on OH2,
i set the OWFS server whits work properly, i have attached temperature sensors and octa relay board.
Every setup is made from Paper UI the OW server is ONLINE, i have attached by auto discovery 2 things temperature and octarelay both of them are with status ONLINE
but nothing happen the temperature sensor is updating couple of times after that stop receive signals. when activate some switch from the sitemap nothing happen.

console commands like this also not works echo ‘0’ /mnt/1wire/ 29.FA3D25000000/PIO.0

everything is ok when i use OWFS HTTP portal.

any idea about what can cause no functionality of this binding

I can confirm binding-onewire - 2.4.0 not working.

After installation of 1.x everything works fine.

Known issue. Fixed in master.