Onkyo Binding - AV loses "contact" after some days

Hey guys,

I started using the Onkyo Binding for my AV in the living room.
I dont really want to control the AV with openhab I only want to have the status of the AV in openhab. So I want to turn the AV on with my standard remote (Logitch Harmony in this case) and not with openhab but still want to know in openhab that its on or off.
Reason for that is, that I use it as a trigger for my “cinema mode”. So as soon as AV turns on my rollershutters go down, ambience light of TV board goes on etc.

Installed the binding, created the necessary rule and everything works perfectly fine.

But after some days the AV status doesnt change in openhab anymore. As the AV has to be included in openhab based on its IP in my network I already ensured that the AV always gets the same IP. Worked for some days after I made this change but now its happening again. I turn on the AV but in openhab its still off.

Anyone some ideas?

I add binding and item:


onkyo:TX-NR509:verstaerker_wohnzimmer [ipAddress="", port=60128]

As I said the IP was fixed in my Router (AVM Fritz.Box)


Switch          verstaerker_wohnzimmer "Verstärker Wohnzimmer" <receiver> (Einzelobjekte) { channel="onkyo:TX-NR509:verstaerker_wohnzimmer:zone1#power" }

Rule - But I guess that not important because I already see in my sidemap that the status dont change. If I click on the switch in my sidemap the rule executes so thats not really part of the problem I guess.

rule "Kinomodus an"
	Item verstaerker_wohnzimmer changed to ON
	sendCommand(EG_Wohnzimmer_Dose_Fenster_TV1, ON)
	if (DaemmerungsschalterMittel.state == ON){
	sendCommand(EG_Wohnzimmer_Dose_TV_links, ON)
	sendCommand(EG_Wohnzimmer_Dose_Fenster_rechts, ON)
        if (SonneSued.state == ON){
        sendCommand(EG_Wohnzimmer_Rolladen, 45)

Hi c0rtez,

I know this is quite an old topic but I experience the same errors. Did you ever find a solution for this?

Hey Richard,
sorry for replieng late. Missed to check the board in the last days.

By now I in fact have fixed this issue. But I can’t really tell you what made the difference.

I changed the IP of the receiver to another one and fixed that IP in my AVM FritzBox. Than I created the Thing again but with “textfile” instead of Openhab Interface.

It’s working fine now. Only had the issue two times again since I made these changes. Both times I had to restart the receiver (complete power off and on) and it was found again.

I can live with plugging it in and out again two times a year :smiley:

Sorry for not having exact info of what the issue came from but maybe this still helps.