Onkyo Binding Volume Issue

I am currently testing Onkyo Binding to run my Integra DRX7(comes out of the same factory as Onkyo.

The binding works fine. The only issue I have is that by default the DRX7 volume gets changed up and down by 0.5dB. So any adjusts I make via sitemap only sets the volume halfway. So 100=50 etc.

Any ideas to what I could change make the volume change double?

It sounds that you have enabled Onkyo binding volume limit functionality from the binding configuration? See more details from http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/onkyo/readme.html. If not, maybe Integra volume scale is different that is specified for Onkyo models. You could enable Onkyo binding debug logs (TRACE level give most information) to see more details.

Thanks for the reply. I added the onkyo binding through the Paper UI and not .bindings file.
In the paper ui when i go to configure the onkyo binding i see there is a volumelimit set to 100. But also when I edit the thing for the the drx7 that i added there is a volumelimit to 100 as well. How do i remote these values?

hi pali,

i have been digging around for a while now. i have been using this example setup https://github.com/openhab/openhab1-addons/wiki/Onkyo-Binding

in my item file i have the following dimmer set up for volume
// Volume
Dimmer onkyoVolume “Volume [%d]” {onkyo=“INIT:onkyoAVR:VOLUME_QUERY, INCREASE:onkyoAVR:VOLUME_UP, DECREASE:onkyoAVR:VOLUME_DOWN, *:onkyoAVR:VOLUME_SET”}

on the link above it mentions advanced commands
Advanced commands

If you want to use commands that are not predefined by the binding you can use them with a shape # as a prefix.

example 1: Dimmer volume { onkyo=“INCREASE:hometheater:VOLUME_UP, DECREASE:hometheater:VOLUME_DOWN, *:hometheater:#MVL%02X” }

openhab send volume INCREASE -> binding send VOLUME_UP (eISCP command=MVLUP)

openhab send volume DECREASE -> binding send VOLUME_DOWN (eISCP command=MVLDOWN)

openhab send volume 30 -> binding send eISCP command MVL1E (set volume level to 30)

And i found the following from Integra:
“MVL” - Master Volume Command
"00"-“C8” Volume Level 0.0 – 100.0 ( 0.5 Step In hexadecimal representation)
“00”-“64” Volume Level 0 – 100 ( In hexadecimal representation)
“00”-“50” Volume Level 0 – 80 ( In hexadecimal representation)
“00”-“32” Volume Level 0 – 50 ( In hexadecimal representation)
“UP” sets Volume Level Up
"DOWN" sets Volume Level Down
"UP1" sets Volume Level Up 1dB Step
"DOWN1" sets Volume Level Down 1dB Step
"QSTN" gets the Volume Level

How are where do I define the “UP1” command directly?

Hi Reinhardt,

I was assuming that your are using Onkyo OH2 binding, but you are using OH1 binding? OH1 Onkyo binding doesn’t have volume limit functionality.

You should be able to send UP1 and DOWN1 by following configuration:

Dimmer volume { onkyo=“INCREASE:hometheater:#MVLUP1, DECREASE:hometheater:#MVLDOWN1, *:hometheater:#MVL%02X” }

I didn’t test item configuration, so it could contain typos. This setup works only with OH1 binding, not with OH2 Onkyo binding.

Hi Pauli,

I didn’t realize that I copied an all binding setting. I have now basically started from scratch. I started with a clean install.

Then followed the link you provided http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/onkyo/readme.html

Installed the Onkyo 2.1.0 binding from Paper UI.
Then create a .thing file with onkyo:onkyoAVR:myOnkyo [ipAddress=“”, port=60128]
Then create a .items file from link above
Then create a .sitemap file from link above

Again everything works fine. Except the volume steps on sitemap are +1 but on amp its 0.5.

Is there a way for me to access and change the binding settings for the volume stepping and or the volume limit?
I am think that it either the limit can be set to 200 or the stepping at x 2 it might work?

Currently, binding supports correctly only receivers which volume level is between 0-100. Limit functionality does not amplify the value, it’s only purpose is to limit volume level, so that user cannot accidentally put the volume to full.

I thought as much.

Do you think a rule could work?

Check if volume level has changed and then double that and the new value as the volume? Doubling should take the 0.5 step to 1 ?

Unfortunately not, volume channel is a dimmer channel which doesn’t accept bigger values than 100. I think that only way to do at moment is to use older OH1 binding.

i have the same issue with Onkyo Binding 2 on my rz1100
Is a Issue already opened?

Any news on that issue? I have TX-RZ820. The volumeScale does not work at all.

Hi, volumeScale does not work for me too. I also try to change scale directly in Onkyo binding jar, but Pioneer receiver still goes max to -32.0dB.