[Onkyo] Thing action to send raw eISCP commands

I’ve just finished a change to the Onkyo binding and would like to send a pull request for it. I’ve simply added a rule action that can be used to send raw eISCP commands to the receiver, so everyone is able to send commands that are not directly supported by the channels on the binding.

Here are my changes: https://github.com/TheNetStriker/openhab2-addons/commit/5c2aa881f9e44fe10be7a14b55498656986a2734

Could please someone look over my changes if everything is ok before I try to send the pull request?

The people here who will be able to review your PR now are the same people who will be reviewing it after you submit the PR. So you may as well submit the PR.

If you want some users to test it out, post a link to a jar file with your changes and I’m sure other Onkyo users will be willing to try it out. Though you might want to post it to the Add-ons Bindings category if you do.

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