Onkyo TX-NR636

My Onkyo receiver TX-NR636 is recognized/binded as unsupported Onkyo AV receiver. My receiver has the latest firmware, raspberryPi2 has the latest openhabian image. Is there any chance that some one give me some directions how to solve this.
BTW: I’m new to openHAB.

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If I look at the source on GitHub it looks like TX-NR636 was left out (OnkyoBindingConstants.java).

  public static final String ONKYO_TYPE_TXNR626 = "TX-NR626"; 
  public static final String ONKYO_TYPE_TXNR646 = "TX-NR646"; 
  public static final String ONKYO_TYPE_TXNR656 = "TX-NR656"; 

Maybe its just cosmetic issue.