Online Status of Things and reachability of Xiaomi Smarthomedevices

I have Xiaomi Smarthome Gateway2 with several sensors ( Door, Water, Gas, Temperature etc. )
I have created a rule to check the Status of the Xiaomi Aqara - Things…
This is functioning, the Rule is checking for “ONLINE”. But this is not the value for reachabiltity.

What would be the right way for me to monitor the “reachability” or “aliveness” of a device?
I have removed the battery of one of my Watersensors. But the sensor is already “ONLINE”.
How is the right way to get the reachability of a sensor?

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Since the sensors are running with ZWave a Ping won’t be possible.
But you can Update the status which is shown in the PaperUI with:

var status = ThingAction.getThingStatusInfo("yourchannel")

But if the gateway isn’t initialized or Offline the sensors will obviously Offline too.