Online 'Thing' doesn't seen at Control page

Hi all,

i’am a total rookie with OH, i read and try to understand how it works by the manual.
I followed it step by step, and try to connect any network items (tv, receiver, phone, smart bulb) but unfortunately the Network Binding can’t find anything. (Why?)
I had try to add my iPhone manually, which has been seeing at the “Things” page like online but not on the “Control” page, as the online manual explain that.

Someone can help me?
Thank you

OH2.4/Synology 214play

Short answer:
Things will not appear on PaperUI’s “control page” because you cannot control things - only items.

Long answer:
I doubt you took the time it takes to properly read and understand the docs what is an item, which GUIs are there for what purpose etc. So return to your desk please and restart reading.

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i folow the manual, stp by step

but thanks

I believe the Network binding was broken in that version of OH and the automated scan didn’t work, or at least it didn’t work on Windows IIRC. I’m pretty sure this was fixed as early as OH 2.5 M1 but I would recommend running with OH 2.5 M3 instead.

There are lots of parts of the manual and I doubt you read it all. And most of the manual doesn’t have step-by-steps. So what part exactly did you read and follow? I think what Markus is pointing out is that you seem to not yet understand the difference between an Item and a Thing. Only Items show up in the Control page.

You would do well to review How to get started (there is no step-by-step tutorial) which has lots of getting started resources.

Thank you Rich,

exactly (i think i can get it the different between the thing and Items, the items (my iPhone) seems on the Control page but his status is “offline”, the Thing page says “online”.

But i think i have any other home network or OH settings problem, because i added the the Shelly Roller addons, which can contorol the shutters, these are on the Control page, i can control with that, but it doesn’t refresh the roller’s state.
(it could be same problem like my ipHone status)

Those two mean different things. On the Thing “Online” means the Thing is operational. The Network binding is able to access the network and send ping commands.

On the Item the “offline” means your iPhone is not responding to the pings sent by the Network binding.

I don’t know anything about Shelly Roller binding so cannot comment on that.

One very important thing to note is that the Control tab is only for administration and test (e.g. a quick look to see if everything is working). It is not intended to be your day-to-day UI for controlling your home automation. For that you need BasicUI or HABPanel.

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