Only an openhab restart shows any change!

Is it really the only solution to make this work stable?
Changed the sd card on the Raspberry Pi with the same result.

Release = Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
Kernel = Linux 4.14.62-v7+
Platform = Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2
Uptime = 0 day(s). 14:27:5
CPU Usage = 37.75 % avg over 4 cpu(s) (4 core(s) x 1 socket(s))
CPU Load = 1m: 2.63, 5m: 2.61, 15m: 2.70
Memory = Free: 0.02GB (3%), Used: 0.92GB (97%), Total: 0.95GB
Swap = Free: 0.09GB (100%), Used: 0.00GB (0%), Total: 0.09GB
Root = Free: 10.59GB (76%), Used: 3.31GB (24%), Total: 14.53GB
Updates = 0 apt updates available.
Sessions = 1 sessions
Processes = 112 running processes of 32768 maximum processes

There are no errors in the log (in this one: tail-F/var/log/openhab2/openhab2.log) but it doesn’t seem to work stable at all.
The only solution is to restart openhab every day and maybe it will work for the rest of the day.

If I Run ‘sudo openhabian-config’ it needs to update because it is recommended but the problem remains.
Is there a hidden log or something I can try to check?

Unstable how? There is an infinity of things that word can mean.

for example: yesterday I followed a kind of tutorial. (countdown on timer) Everything in that tutorial worked great. A button with an expire setting worked. The lamp, worked (connect with MQTT). The countdown in minutes worked. After a minute it shows 2 instate of 3. Everything worked.
Goodnight, and see you tomorrow! but not really.
The button does not longer expire! The lamp works ( MQTT works) but all info on basic UI does not what it did last night. The icon turned yellow when the countdown started. Now it doesn’t.
I did nothing in between (yeah, sleeping) while the Raspberry Pi never sleeps.
Only a restart of openhab will help.
So, that’s why I asked if there is a hidden log file? Because this one: tail-F/var/log/openhab2/openhab2.log shows no error or warning what so ever.

Paste your relevant items and rules and any relevant logs from openhab.log and events.log.

There might be a bug in your rule and it’s behaving as written. There might be a bug in the binding. There might be something else going wrong.

Or like this button. It is on (the real device, a LED connect with MQTT is off) but normally the switch button would be blue and the knot (circle) shifted to the right. And would the switch icon be red if off?
If I click on the button, it turns on the LED and the button becomes blue with the knot shifted to the right. From that moment on it looks good but if I click again on that button, I be back in this state (like the picture)
If I restart openhab, everything is good as long as it takes.

From your description I understand “all” that is wrong is that your button does not get reset ?
As Rich already asked for, show your relevant items and rules. Most likely openHAB is alright, but there’s config/programming errors in there, and you need to debug those.

There’s more logs in that directory (most import: events.log) but no there’s no “hidden” log, but you need to enable proper debugging to show things of relevance.
A couple of useful log channels you should set to ‘debug’ level:


Thanks for the response and proper debugging link.

I know that “A home automation enthusiast doesn’t have to be a Linux enthusiast!” but it is for sure very handy to know more about the Linux system before you start working with this.
I didn’t know (still don’t) everything about Linux but that line triggered me to start with OpenHAB.

Now I think that I started completely wrong with just downloading the latest “openHABianPi” SD card image file]( and did rely on a self-configuring system.
Started with home builder and defined all rooms. Made some sensors to measure the temperature in every-room (not all rooms are don yet because they needs sensors that are on the way) and linked them to the defined room in that default.item list from home builder.
Had some trouble with the MQTT connection but had that fixed, mainly by reading many topics about MQTT in this community

I thought fixed because it seems to give a warning about pid:org.openhab.mqtt in mqtt.cfg at the beginning of a restart of OpenHAB.
Uhm, 77 definitions of pid! So what’s the one that I am looking for and I think: PID (i.e., process identification number ) - to try to understand this warning as a starting Linux enthusiast. I guess I understand it’s definition but don’t understand the warning yet.

Added the weather binding, NTP, HTTP, Network and Kodi bindings.

And in the mean time, try to find out how that chart system works and something about a database. But most important: which one.
And would-end it be better if I use a usb stick so save the database to because of the reliability of the sd card and the amount of data.

But the system looks more unstable with every thing I add or try to remove

(error 409) -cannot update a thing defined in .things file- but where are those .thing files? The only .thing files I see are the one I created myself in the things folder).

Looking at flows in Node Red and MQTT topics seems that all sensors and switches are working correct so lets try a tutorial:

But… as a starting Linux enthusiast it seems that I have created to many of a mess myself with all these item files. Test things, rules and who knows what else.
Seeing openhab.log file for example makes more sense for me now what is going wrong and what a mess it seems to be.
That’s one reason why I am not uploading or paste all my relevant item files as asked. Sorry.
I believe that the OpenHAB system is a powerfull system but if you make one simple mistake you can get lost very quickly.
So I just need more inside into the Linux system myself before a home automation enthusiast.

Nothing that you describe you’ve done has anything at all to do with Linux. You would be seeing these same issues running on OSX or Windows because they are problems with something you have done in openHAB itself.

Did you try to do too much at once? Probably.

Did you introduce a bug somewhere in your Items, Sitemaps, or Rules? Almost certainly.

Can we help you in any why without those Items, Sitemaps, or Rules? No we can’t. So either you need to give us the information we need to help you, or this entire thread is a chance for you to complain and you don’t really want our help.

And we don’t want everything. Give us the Items, parts of the Sitemap, and Rule that work with the countdown Item.

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I think you somewhat misunderstood of what is openHABian/Linux, what’s the openHAB software, what is system configuration and what is user-provided, home automation relevant contents (things, items, rules, sitemaps etc).
openHABian is the prepackaged Linux to ease installation of openHAB software, but it does not create ANY openHAB configuration (or log settings or even items or rules).

Who said openHAB (or openHABian) is supposed to be a self-configuring system ?
Sorry for being harsh but to believe in that is sort of naive.
IT and home automation both are way too complex for such a thing to exist.

You should definitely take a more structured approach.
Read on the basics and concepts in the openHAB docs first.
Most of what you don’t understand or don’t know about is explained in those documents.
Take the beginner’s tutorial.
Read the documentation on bindings and rules and all those components before trying to use them.

Given you already ‘created a mess’ as you admitted yourself, I’d suggest you re-start from the very beginning (i.e. flash the image to your SD card once more).
This time, make sure that on every step you take and change you make, you understand what level and part of this system this will apply to before you move to the next.

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Well, uhm… Sorry to be alive.


I believe that the OpenHAB system is a powerfull system but if you make one simple mistake you can get lost very quickly

is only complaning then…
Thanks for not understanding.

Who said it?
For reference:

And you are right.
I should take a more structured approach and not being so naive when reading pages about a system that is complex but looks so easy to setup and maintain.
But your info about the logging did let me see more. Did let me see that the item files where wrong.
I did indeed already what you say with starting all over (before you said it) and so far so good.

It is only complaining when you don’t give us the tools we need to actually help you.

I want to help. Markus wants to help. We want to make your system reliable and work. We can’t do that because you won’t give us the information we need in order to help.

Where did I misunderstand?

You are having problems. We ask for information to help you solve your problem. You refuse to give us that information.

Have I misstated anything? I’m sorry but we are going out of our way to try to help you get to a stable system and help focus on what parts you need to learn first and anything else that can help you become successful. We want you to be successful. But we need the information we asked for. Refusal to give us that information is refusing our help.

Ergo you are just complaining and don’t want our help.

See. Had you provided some of the information we asked for we could have and would have told you:

  • what was wrong
  • why it was a problem
  • how to avoid the problem in the future
  • specifically what parts of the docs you can review for reference and use in the future

Furthermore the example with what was wrong and how to fix it would persist in this forum for future users who experience the same problem.

But we are not able to provide any of that.

I asked if there was something of a hidden log-file. Didn’t I?
Markus did point me in the right direction and I thank him for that.
But did I said that the tutorial was wrong?
Ever tried to make pancakes? and realized that the first one didn’t go well? You give that one away?
You want to breastfeed me or something by asking the files and I refuse that kindly. Are you offended by that?
Did I say that the software is #%$@ or did I give it a whatever name?

Calling me nothing more then a complainer because I realize that something is wrong doesn’t sound right.
That something is wrong is probably my own fault. A fault that I like to and need to fix by myself because that’s how we learn. At-least, I do.
Throwing a lot of good (I am sure that the tutorial files are good because, hey, they are from this site) but probably bad item files and rule files and thing files in this topic isn’t helping anyway because it was not part of the question. But it can probably going to be part of a problem for someone else!

You may be absolutely sure that everything about OpenHAB is 100% full-proof with no error’s.
Everything is logic for you because the years of experience in this great system.
And any kind of criticism is not complaining,

No, that is not why I use the word complainer. I use the word complainer because you describe a problem in general terms and when asked for the details we need to diagnose the source of your problem you refuse. “Unstable” can have a nearly infinite range of causes. “button not working” can have an infinite range of causes. We need the information asked for to narrow down the cause of the problem.

Describing a problem but not giving us the asked for information to diagnose and narrow down the cause means you don’t really want our help. You just want to complain.

I use the word complainer because you ask for help but refuse the help offered by refusing to help the helpers.

No but as you said, it was the source of the problem.

That’s my point. I’m absolutely 100% sure OH is NOT full-proof with no errors. If you are experiencing stability problems or the like the problem could very well be a bug in OH. But we can’t discover that bug until we know the source of the problem. For that we need to eliminate all the possible causes of the observed bad behavior until we find the root cause. We need to be able to match your setup and try to reproduce the problem.

And if the root cause is OH then we need to fix the software. That is how OH becomes better.

So it’s not just about you when we ask for more information. And that to comes across as just complaining because not only are you not giving us the help we need to help you, you are also refusing to give us the help we need to potentially fix a problem with the OH software.

So yes, I stick by my use of the word complainer.


Do you even realize how you are making a mess of this community?
You are the one that is sitting on a throne with all your knowledge and calling names.
Why? Because someone else did help?

Making this simple question:

Is there a hidden log or something I can try to check?

to a topic war -or whatever your intentions are- but it is at least not helping in any way.
Marcus did point me in the right direction and that is helping.
You could learn something from that.

Now you are only page filling.
Trying to scare people away that are trying to get this work by learning, failing, struggling, trying again and read hundreds of pages with unsolved errors and wrong item, thing, rules and… files
Even if you don’t even know me you can call me whatever you want if that makes you feel well.
But for me this topic was already don.
Again, because Marcus did help. Not you.

Be well. If that’s even possible and he, there is plenty of room under this last sentences from me, for you to write whatever you want.

Nah you’re getting unfair now. Clearly Rich isn’t scaring away anybody, and he has a long standing reputation of being a very helpful und even patient person without EVER starting anything like a flamewar.
But given he and I we all spend OUR spare time to help people like you, we expect a minimum of cooperation.
Rich is right in what he was saying: you didn’t deliver (and didn’t want to) the information he (or anybody else) would have needed to help you. See above to find that I also asked you for the same information.
Without that willingness, I agree it’s just complaining.
If you were to change sides of the table for a moment I guess you might notice how unkind and frustrating that is (or comes across).
Without that information the reason of your problems can be anything, and your post wasn’t suited to extract the information, it was pretty confusing, too.
Your refusal to provide him with that information has (or would have) forced him to take shots at the dark,
but noone wants to waste his time with that.
So come on, stay fair.