Only Deutsch and English languages?

Apparently openhab is only translated in Deutsch and English.
So, how to translate openhab in others languages ?
What are the files to translate ?
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Unfortunately, it’s complex as we have a distributed system…

Firstly, PaperUI is only available in English. HABmin has been translated into a number of languages.

Each binding, and some other resources in the server has the possibility to be translated if the author has provided this feature, or where it’s provided by the system (eg for the thing definitions), if someone has taken the time to perform the translation of the various XML files into the i18n file.

For bindings, the i18n files are available in the ESH-INF/i18n folder. Information on these folders and the files they contain is available here -:

If you want openhab became international, an easy translation system is absolutely necessary.
It is absolutely necessary to translate all the UIs in severals languages.
Does texts for Paper UI are directly coded in the html (very, very bad) or are there the possibilities to translate it in languages files ?
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Yes - unfortunately it’s coded directly in HTML and yes, I agree, it’s bad, but changing it is not going to be especially simple as it wasn’t designed with this in mind from the beginning.

I recently raised this as an issue on the issue tracker, and might look at incorporating a system along the lines that HABmin uses, but it will likely take a bit of effort to resolve.