Only items with "Switchable" tag show up in home app, not "Lighting" or "WindowCovering"

Hello everyone,

After finally setting up the bridge correctly to be able to get all my “things” into openHAB (lights, dimmers and rollershutters), I’m now making the final step to get all of them linked with HomeKit.

I’m running into a rather odd issue. While I can perfectly make the connection between openHAB and the home app, it appears that only items that get the “Switchable” tag show up in my home app…

Lights, dimmers and blinds and working perfectly fine in BasicUI, so the items (and sitemap) are listed properly. It’s just when then adding the tags, it only shows up in the home app when using the “Switchable” tag. I can thus turn basic lights on or off, but cannot control dimmers them or control the blinds.

Has anyone else had this issue and/or know the solution for my problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Running openHAB 2.4.0-1 (“standard” setup) on a fresh ubuntu 18.04 install. HomeKit add-on 2.4.0.

Kind regards,

same issue here with the WindowCovering tag

how you items look like?
i have blinds, lights and more devices working.
here is an example from my config

   Switch    og_bathroom_mirror_light    "Bad OG Spiegellicht [%s]"        <light>  (gOGBad)         ["Lighting"] {channel="knx:device:scn_ip:AKK1616_02:channel_j"}
   Rollershutter terrace_blinds_l       "Terrase Rollladen Links [%d %%]"       <rollershutter>  (gWohnzimmer)   ["WindowCovering"] {channel="knx:device:scn_ip:JAL0810_01:channel_a"}