Only Seeing 'Things' in iOS App

Running OH2 and have the following settings in the iOS app…

Local UR:
Remote URL:
Password: MyPassWord

When I select my sitemap ‘home’ all I see is a listing of my things.

Two odd things I notice as well:

  1. There are two sitemaps to choose from but I only have one .sitemap file. My home.sitemap file has this at the start of the file:

    sitemap home label=“My Home”

And in the app I see “home” and “My Home” as sitemap options. When I try to access the “My Home” sitemap I get

Request failed: Internal Server error 500
  1. When I try to access the “home” sitemap, along with seeing just my Things, I get this in the log:

2016-04-21 09:26:56.902 [WARN ] [o.myopenhab.internal.MyOpenHABClient] - Jetty request 8238 failed: null

Any thoughts?

Apologies for bumping my own thread, but this is driving me crazy. It must be something simple. I have reinstalled to last nights build (not because of this issue) but still not working.

Can anyone confirm they are able to access their sitemaps normally using the iOS app against a current OH2 install?

This is all I see:

OH2 has an auto generated sitemap at “/rest/sitemaps/_default” whose label is “Home” , so you are seeing yours as well as the system one. If you select the other “Home” sitemap, do you not see your version? I have the same setup and can switch between the two even though they have the same label “Home”

I see:

My Home

My sitemap is structured as such (home.sitemap):

sitemap home label="My Home"

If I select “My Home” I get a 500 Error. When I select “Home” I get just Things. And based on your response I now understand that to be the default and not actually my custom sitemap.

If you are getting a 500 error, my guess is that something is wrong with your sitemap and the server cannot parse it. What happens when you hit the /rest/sitemaps/home in a browser ?

Ahhh, getting somewhere!

  "error": {
    "message": "d !\u003d java.lang.String",
    "http-code": 500,
    "exception": {
      "class": "java.util.IllegalFormatConversionException",
      "message": "d !\u003d java.lang.String",
      "localized-message": "d !\u003d java.lang.String"

Debugging my sitemap now.

All set, syntax error in my HVAC items (linked to sitemap). Thanks!!

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