Only turn on a group items, not off

In my sitemap I have this line

Switch item=gSA icon=“poweroutlet” mappings=[ON="Important group on "]

Where gSA is a group of Outlets.
I want to have a button I can turn them all on, yet never turn them of.

I assume that with only the option on, I would not be able to turn them of, yet it seem that it now works as a on/off button.

I might do this with a rule, yet I wonder if there is another option.

This is strange…
With this mapping only the command ON should be sent to the item
What does the log show?
Did you try restarting OH?

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I just tested this in Basic UI and it seemed to do what you want (OH snapshot 1390). Note the quotes. Edit: actually, it worked with or without quotes around the ON.

Switch item=gSiren mappings=["ON"="Important group on"]


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You need to put the off mapping if you want on and off. If I am reading correctly you said only on worked. Per you mapping I would agree.

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I’ll try with another group.