Ontime channel for Hue lights

Good afternoon

In the hurry of migrating from hass.io to openHAB I see that many Philips Hue lights have an “ontime” channel:

deconz:colortemperaturelight:00212E077BFD:00178801021c1b6f0b:ontime (Number:Time)

What is this ontime actually doing or for?

Sending something like 10 to this channel has not effect I expected to switch of the light automatically after a given time when for example triggered by a motion sensor…

Well, it’s a number:time type. A Quantity, with units - 10 minutes, 10 seconds etc. You would have to command with units as well.

I’ve no idea if it is actually an auto-off, or just a running time report.

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You’re a genious :slight_smile:

Indeed I have to send “120 s” and the the Hue lights switch off after 120 seconds…

Was already digging through some examples which look cryptic to me and are not available in UI (o;

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I can confirm, it is effectively an on timer for the light.

However, as with most things hue, it works sometimes and other times it completely ignores the command.

Right…but when I searched for the expire binding it isn’t listed…maybe it is already integrated…

But then again…I have to fight with ConBee II being unreliable as hell as with home assistant…

correct, expire is no longer a binding, it can be found under ‘add metadata’

hi folks, I saw your thread here and thats what I was looking for.
Is there any additional magic behind it?
I set the ontime value to either “5 s” or “2 min” which leads to no switch working at all, I have to reset it to 0. Seems as if this causes an error that prevents the switch from even toggeling.