Open app from HabPanel


Is it possible in HabPanel to create a button that opens a specific app on the client?
In my case, I’m working with an ipad.

I’m highly doubtful of this. As far as your iPad is concerned, HABPanel is just another webpage. Do you want random web pages opening apps on your device?

Having said that, I do know on Android certain apps can register to intercept certain URLs to give you the option to open the link in the app (e.g. going to a URL will ask if you want to open that in the Reddit Is Fun app instead of the browser). Maybe Apple has something like that. But it is almost certainly not going to support opening arbitrary apps.

AFAIK, using HABpanel is at the moment not doable, but with a custom code on a webpage (requesting access for various services on Android/iOS/Linux/Windows) is definitely doable!
Think about Google maps webpage doing it (iOS and Android)! Of course the webpage and the app have to meet some very specific conditions!

I use on my tablet an application: Kiosk Pro Lite(iPad) Kiosk browser (android)

Sorry for my English

I use on my tablet an application: Kiosk Pro Lite(iPad) Kiosk browser (android)

OK, and does this allow you to launch apps from a button?

An app has to register itself as “capable of handling URLs” of a specific app.

For example, the Twitter app, has an intent filter that tells Android, that if someone tries to open an URL with it should open the app instead of opening the website.

So the App you want to open has to have such an intent filter. Maybe there are ways to do this without modifying the app. Maybe something like Tasker can listen to all Broadcasts and do something like open an App. The docs for Tasker Intents could be worth a read.