Open Hab 2 directory structure on Debian System

I am trying to add Modbus ver 1 to the system and paperUI only show ver 2 addons
I am trying to manually add the jar file to the correct folder. I see /ect/openhab2 but not and addons folder
So I added it and it does not seem to show modbus when you goto things

You need to enable Legacy addons in the config to show 1.x version bindings where a 2.0 version exists.

I think I found where to place the jar file. /usr/share/openhab2/addons

I set system config using paper UI for 1.0 addon but nothing shows up in the binding except ver 2

There is not a ver 2 of Modbus so I guess I am out of luck till it comes out?

No you aren’t.
You need to enable the compatbility layer, place your binding-jar into the folder you stated above, place your “old” openhab.cfg in the folder


and be happy :slight_smile:

You can find this already in the Documentation:

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I have searched and there is no openhab.cfg file

you have to add it.
following your comments you aren’t migrating from oh1.x to oh2 but starting new with oh2 ?

create an empty file, call it openhab.cfg and insert all necessary modbus configurations like described here:

yes new install of openhab 2.0 on cubieboard A20 cpu


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For Fun I found an image for my Raspi it is a headless image but it has all of the ver 1 bindings showing up with the ver 2. I think I missed a step and I will need to install the legacy bindings. I am really impressed with the Raspi image seems very complete and stable. My main interest is Modbus and Zwave I hope to get my Zwave stick this week.