Open hab and Off Grid Houses

Hello everyone!
I’m new to programming and wanting to learn about house hold automaton for ranches and mountain life. I’m getting images burned onto my cd. but I’m not sure where to go from there. any help from anyone would be great!

What hardware / OS are you planning on using for a server? What technologies are you researching to use?

Zigbee & Z-Wave networks are designed to be totally local but some people have also modifies Wi-Fi devices for local only control.

those are good questions. Since I’m just starting out I’m using raspberry pi 2+ and using a breadboard for the sensors and branching off from there.

What type of sensors are you starting with and how do they communicate with the Pi? I2C, GPIO, Serial, 1-Wire, WiFi, …? :slightly_smiling_face:

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my sensors are a proximity, dht11 (humidity and temp) those 2 to start since I’m using the gpio, and as I get more formilure with the product I plan to use a i2c controller. I need to learn how to program multiple sensors a be able to separate them.
so to answer your question I’m using the basics with gpio, and I planed on using a LAN Router, trying to use little internet as possible

Install openHABian for a start, play with the demo setup.
Then spend some (way more) time reading this forum and others on Home Automation in general to get an idea of what you actually want to accomplish and which technologies are available.
Dht11, i2c etc is pretty basic DIY electronics stuff, that’s for the most part not what HA and openHAB are about (unless your hobby is DIY electronics, soldering, embedded programming and the like).
For most use cases there’s plenty of technologies available to choose sensors and actuators from.

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