OpenDaikin Binding from MarketPlace Questions

Hi - for the BRP15B61 (aka Daikin Airbase) in Australia, try

Thanks I got indoor temperatures channel connected, however for the power channel I get errors about wrong type as above, for switch type.

Hi Paul, I too am in OZ and have the BRP15B61. Could you answer a couple of questions.
Did you install the Thing and Items from files or did you use Paper Ui to create and link?
What channels do you have working? I cannot change fan speed, Mode or Temp but can turn off/on and read indoor/outdoor temp. What did you do to add tags for google assistant? Did you use Habmin?
Can you share more info please.

It sounds like your at the same stage or slightly ahead of me, I’m attempting to us config files, but addon is throwing errors in linking some items, however on someone said they only used paperui, but I haven’t had time to try it yet.

Hi Paul (mtrax). I made some progress today. I have a working “Things” and “Items” file. I dont use the sitemap at all, instead I use the HabPanel. Although I get the “Wrong type of thing” error in the logs, everything works. I can read inside and outside temp, turn on and off, set the temp,fan and mode from HabPanel. The Humidity does not work but i’m not sure if my unit has that or not.
Items and Things.txt (991 Bytes)

should these be channel= rather than daikin= on your items?

Hi James,

In Paper UI, I can change temperatures, mode & fan speed, and view indoor temperatures. Outdoor temp is N/A for some reason.

For Google Assistant, I had to add tags using habmin, and also manually create a Group:
In an items file:

Group gThermostat "Thermostat" ["Thermostat"]
// mode for Google Home
String ThermostatHeatingCoolingMode "Google Home Thermostat Heating/Cooling Mode" (gThermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]

My Setpoint item has a Tag ‘TargetTemperature’ and is in group ‘gThermostat’
My Current Temperature item has a Tag ‘CurrentTemperature’ and is in group ‘gThermostat’

The Mode above is a virtual object, there needs to be a rule to keep it in sync with the real mode of the Thermostat. This is because the Thermostat object in Google Assistant only understands Off, Heat, Cool & HeatCool.

I have a rule that kinda works, but it’s a bit clumsy, I need to try and optimise it.

Hope this helps,


AFAIK - there is no humidity support on the Australian Airbase controllers

where does OH get the Thing name from? is it possible to remove IP address from name and replace with a coded label?

@mtrax not sure I understand the question. But when using PaperUI to add a new ‘Thing’ (like the Daikin controller) I was asked for a name for the thing - the default included a reference to the IP, but this could be changed.

yes I’m assuming if for what ever reason my IP address changes I would need to remap all my items it would be good to “lock” down the name so IP address isn’t part of thing eg opendaikin:ac_unit:192_168_0_6:outdoortemp

so thing would be
daikin:ac_unit:house [ host=“”]
and item would be:


You can edit the IP address of the airbase without having to change the name of the ‘thing’ - at least you can from paperui - I assume from habmin too…

edit… I’m wrong about being able to change the default ID of the thing - it does seem the IP is hardcoded in there… It’s probably possible to change this, but I’m at the limits of my knowledge in extending the current binding…

hi mtraxl, Sorry to say I know nothing about coding and only get things done by looking at others. For me, Daikin= works. @Paul_Smedley has made more progress and knows more than most on this.

Hi Paul, could you please have a look at my text file up a couple of posts and let me know if the Switch, String, Number items are right. Some posts I have read have the string as a number.
Edit. Could you please share your items file contents

Sorry - I don’t use an items file for the opendaikin binding - I created all of my items using PaperUI

When looking at the source code, the following channels are defined, but not all are supported on all devices. My A/C unit doesn’t provide humidity information for example.

power       Switch
settemp     Number:Temperature
indoortemp  Number:Temperature
outdoortemp Number:Temperature
humidity    Number
mode        String, values[AUTO|DEHUMIDIFIER|COLD|HEAT|FAN]
fanspeed    String, values[AUTO|SILENCE|LEVEL_1|...|LEVEL_5]

BTW, when enabling debug logging for the binding, you can see the response from the Daikin unit in the log file. From that you can identify which values are ‘0’ for your device.

I have recently installed a Daikin Airbase BRP15B61 and thanks to all those that contributed managed to get the Daikin unit interfaced with OH without issues.
I have unable to find any code for the use of zones with this system. After a bit of reading on the commands used by this interface I have added the following items, rule and sitemap to my system to allow the management of my zones within other rules

Zone items

    Group:Number:SUM gACZones
    String AC_Zone_Status "Zone response status [%S]" 
    Switch AC_Zone_1 "Lounge room [%S]"    <flow>   (gACZones)
    Switch AC_Zone_2 "Bedroom 2&3 [%S]"    <flow>   (gACZones)
    Switch AC_Zone_3 "Bedroom Master [%S]" <flow>   (gACZones)
    Switch AC_Zone_4 "Study [%S]"          <flow>   (gACZones)
    Switch AC_Zone_5 "N/A"                 <flow>   (gACZones)
    Switch AC_Zone_6 "N/A"                 <flow>   (gACZones)
    Switch AC_Zone_7 "N/A"                 <flow>   (gACZones)
    Switch AC_Zone_8 "N/A"                 <flow>   (gACZones)

and a rule that triggers anytime a zone is changed

var String ACIPAddress = ""

rule "Zone Commands" 
        Item gACZones changed 
        var String zonerequest =  "http://" + ACIPAddress + "/skyfi/aircon/get_zone_setting?lpw=" 
        var String zoneresponce= sendHttpGetRequest(zonerequest) //Gets existing zone setting from AC as a starting point
        var String zonecheck = zoneresponce.toString.split(",").get(0)
        var String zoneadd =""  
        if (zonecheck != "ret=OK"){
            logError("Daikin AC","Zone string = " + zoneresponce) 
            AC_Zone_Status.sendCommand("Error setting Zones")
        var String zoneset = zoneresponce.toString.split(",").get(1)
        zoneset =  "http://" + ACIPAddress + "/skyfi/aircon/set_zone_setting?lpw=&"  + zoneset.toString.split("zone_onoff=").get(0)  +"&zone_onoff="
        gACZones.members.forEach[ i | {
            zoneadd  = "0%3b"
            if(i.state == ON){
                zoneadd = "1%3b"
            zoneset= zoneset + zoneadd  
        zoneset=zoneset.substring(0, zoneset.length() - 3)
        logInfo("Daikin AC","Zone set " +  zonecheck + "  Zones status = " + (zoneset.toString.split("zone_onoff=").get(1)).replace("%3b",":"))


and in my sitemap I have the following, including items attached to the OpenDaikin binding and two additional control items, AC_Operating_Mode that I use for manual or fully automatic operation and AC_Operating_Theme, where I am planning to be able to vary temperatures and times of the system (under slow development) but is used for visibility on the sitemap

		  Frame {
		  	Switch item=AC_Operating_Mode   label="AC Mode" 	mappings=[0="OFF", 1="Manual",2="Auto"]
			Switch item=AC_Power 			label="AC On/Off" 	visibility=[AC_Operating_Mode  == 1]
			Setpoint item=Temp_AC_SetTemperature label="AC Set Temp" minValue=16 maxValue=32 step=1 visibility=[AC_Operating_Mode  == 1]
			Switch item=AC_Mode 			label="AC Mode"		mappings=["HEAT"="Heat", "COOL"="Cool", "FAN"="Fan", "AUTO"="Auto" ,"DRY"="Dry"]    visibility=[AC_Operating_Mode  == 1]               
			Switch item=AC_Fan 				label="AC Fan"		mappings=[ "LEVEL_1"="1", "LEVEL_3"="3", "AUTO"="Auto" ]   visibility=[AC_Operating_Mode  == 1] 
	  		Selection item=AC_Operating_Theme label="AC Theme"  mappings=[0="Normal", 1="Enhanced",2="Power Saver"] visibility=[AC_Operating_Mode  == 2]
			Switch item=AC_Zone_1 label="BR 2" visibility=[AC_Operating_Mode  == 1]
			Switch item=AC_Zone_2 label="Dining" visibility=[AC_Operating_Mode  == 1]
			Text item= AC_Zone_Status label= "Zone Status" visibility=[AC_Power == ON]

Whilst this works well on my system at present, I remain unclear on whether the cycling through the group items of the zone will always be in the correct specific order, and what this order is. (is it the order they appear in the items file?). Please let me know if there is an other way you have implemented zone control for the Daikin system.

I’m still having problems with settemp, ie I can’t seem to get it to work . DEBUG doesn’t seem to show anything , what version of the JAR file are people using V2.4?

I did run the 2.4.0 version until recently (bundle created Feb 13) and now I’m running the 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT version. The settemp channel did and still does work for me.

The code of the binding hasn’t changed at least since the addons where moved to the new repository earlier this year (somewhere Feb/March, I think).

Did you try the API via a http GET using Postman or similar tool? The Daikin API is documented here and that’s where just about all 3rd party programs and libraries are based upon. Should be something like:

GET http://<ipaddress>/aircon/set_control_info?pow=1&mode=1&stemp=18&f_rate=A&f_dir=3&shum=0

and stemp is the settemp value.

EDIT: The binding id changed from opendaikin in 2.4 to daikin in 2.5.

however , we should try to update the code to support the Daikin BRP15B61 which has a slightly different URL which has skyfi as prefix


I tried the 2.5 version and it failed to parse the output