Opendaikin vs alexa skill

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: rasp3b+
    • OS:openhabian
      • openHAB version: 2.4-1

Good morning, I’m on trouble to expose my Daikin clima to Alexa. I read that we are going to switch on v3 skill but is a dev feat. So my problem is on V2 now:

1 - Group    gClima_Sala               "Clima Sala"         ["Thermostat"]
2 - Switch   Power_Clima_Sala          "Power"              ["WHAT_TAG"]                  (gClima_Sala)  {channel="opendaikin:ac_unit:power"}
3 - Number   SetPoint_Clima_Sala       "Setpoint [%.0f °C]" ["homekit:TargetTemperature" ](gClima_Sala)     {channel="opendaikin:ac_unit:settemp"}
4 - Number   IndoorTemp_Clima_Sala     "Temperatura Interna"[%.1f °C]" (gClima_Sala)[ "CurrentTemperature" ]{channel="opendaikin:ac_unit:indoortemp"}
5 - Number   OutdoorTemp_Clima_Sala    "Temperatura Esterna [%.1f °C]" ["WHAT_TAG"] (gClima_Sala)                {channel="opendaikin:ac_unit:outdoortemp"}
6 - String   Mode_Clima_Sala           "Mode"               [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]    (gClima_Sala) {channel="opendaikin:ac_unit:mode"}
7 - String   FanSpeed_Clima_Sala       "Fan"                ["WHAT_TAG"] (gClima_Sala)   {channel="opendaikin:ac_unit:fanspeed"}

2 - What is the correct tag for power? have I to map as single switch?
3 - Have I to customize homekit:TargetTemperature with some ADD parameter?
5 - is it possible to map both indoor and outdoor temp?
6 - Have I to customize homekit:HeatingCoolingMode with some ADD parameter
7 - What is the correct tag for power?

Thank you,

A Switch should be tagged as “Switchable”
No additional parameters for TagetTemperature
Just one temperature reading possible
Please have a look at the homekit documentation for supported heating modes. You possibly have to map them.
There is no support for the fan speed actually.

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Still don’t work. Now when Alexa search a new object it find a switch named “POWER” and a thermostat without possibility to interact. If I click on it, alexa does not show on/off or temperature but the configuration screen

Group    gClima_Sala            "Clima Sala"                  ["Thermostat"]
Switch   Power_Clima_Sala       "Power"                         (gClima_Sala)   [ "Switchable"]                                						  
Number   SetPoint_Clima_Sala    "setpoint [%.0f °C]"            (gClima_Sala)   [ "homekit:TargetTemperature" ]                         
Number   IndoorTemp_Clima_Sala  "Temperatura Interna [%.1f °C]" (gClima_Sala)   [ "CurrentTemperature" ]                  				      
Number   OutdoorTemp_Clima_Sala "Temperatura Esterna [%.1f °C]" (gClima_Sala)              								       
String   Mode_Clima_Sala        "Mode"      			        (gClima_Sala)   [ "homekit:TargetHeatingCoolingMode" ]         
String   FanSpeed_Clima_Sala    "Fan"          		            (gClima_Sala)