Openhab 1+2

Hi all,

I’m running Openhab 1.8.x currently on my Intel NUC hosted on Debian platform.
I’m also eager to start testing with Openhab 2 now, to get familiar with it already.

Question I do now have is:

  • Can both versions run in parallel or will this create issues?
  • Do I need to virtualize for doing this properly, two hosts for each version? Anyone has experience with this on Debian platform and Openhab?

Thanks all!

I guess it depends on how you install it, and whether you want them both running concurrently or just stop one start the other. I’m guessing that both allow you to change the port, so they should be able to run together on one box?

I just downloaded both, run them via command line on my NAS and stop one when I start the other to test.

Thanks Ben,

My preffered setup will be 1.8.x as production and 2 as test environment, both running at the same time (if possible).

This should be possible, but you will have to change the ports 8080 and 8443(?) for one of your OH versions.

Ah. Maybe it’s a good idea to install one of them manually to avoid identical config folders…

It somewhat depends on what bindings you are using. In particular, only one program at a time can read and write to a device so only one or the other would be able to get access to and control the zwave controller. I don’t know if other bindings have similar restrictions.

Beyond binding restrictions, as has been mentioned, you will need to change the default ports for one of the servers.

Finally, you have to be careful about how you transition from one system to the other. If you have the same automation running in two instances you will end up sending duplicate commands to your devices which may or may not cause a problem. You also have to be careful with communications APIs where reading/receiving the message consumes the message resulting in only one of your OHs getting and processing it.

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Very usefull comments. Since the environment is currently live, it might be better to first chech and rewrite rules offline where possible, after which i will do the switch…