OpenHAB 1.8.3 Cheap Lightning4 switches cant get to work


I have bought some really cheap 433MHz switches. I don´t seem to be able to get them to work.
I can se the code when I press then buttons on the remote - both in OpenHAB and in RfxTrx manager. But I am not able to send any commands and the received commands are not interpreted by OpenHAB.
Recieved from remote:
ON Command:
`20:47:22.689 DEBUG o.o.b.r.i.RFXComConnection[:146]

  • Data received:Raw data = 09130047BAEAAC017E70
  • Packet type = LIGHTING4
  • Seq number = 71 - Sub type = PT2262
  • Id = 12249610 - Command = UNKNOWN
  • Pulse = 382`

OFF Command:
Packettype = Lighting4
subtype = PT2262
Sequence nbr = 0
Code = BD941C dec 12424220
S1- S24 = 1011 1101 1001 0100 0001 1100
Pulse = 382 usec
Signal level = 7

Both On and Off commands from remote cycles four different codes:
On (Dec)

As I understand from reading up on both this forum and by google the Lightning4 seems to be not very well implemented - Or is it me who don´t understand :wink:

Cant get lightning 4 to work either. Seems like its very difficult to get in touch with the developer of the rfxcom binding. What a shame though.

If you could try to run the current snapshot of this binding you will see that it is supported thanks to the efforts of @SpeederC.

I just added a test with your messages and it results in in On command.

You have to enable the Lighting4 specifically in the binding or did you also end up with an unknown command?