Openhab 1.8.3 error

Forgot everything. Just can’t see where i went wrong. Trying to set up openhab only with epson binding active.
Did everything like in the tutorial but get the following in debug when switching item in sitemap

 [ERROR] [.o.b.e.i.EpsonProjectorBinding:366  ] - Could not find device 'hometheater'
 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents             :22   ] - epsonHorizontalReverse received command OFF
 [ERROR] [.o.b.e.i.EpsonProjectorBinding:366  ] - Could not find device 'hometheater'
 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents             :22   ] - epsonMute received command ON


# Port of the Epson projector to control (optional, defaults to 60128)


Switch epsonPower                          { epsonprojector="hometheater:Power:60000" }
String epsonSource        "Source [%s]"    { epsonprojector="hometheater:Source:ON,60000" }
Number epsonDirectSource  "Direct Source"  { epsonprojector="hometheater:DirectSource:ON,60000"}
Switch epsonMute               { epsonprojector="hometheater:Mute:ON,60000" }

Switch epsonHorizontalReverse  { epsonprojector="hometheater:HorizontalReverse:ON,60000" }
Switch epsonVerticalReverse    { epsonprojector="hometheater:VerticalReverse:ON,60000" }

String epsonAspectRatio       "AspectRatio [%s]"        { epsonprojector="hometheater:AspectRatio:ON,60000" }
String epsonColorMode         "ColorMode [%s]"          { epsonprojector="hometheater:ColorMode:ON,60000" }
Number epsonColorTemperature  "Color Temperature [%d]"  <colorwheel>   { epsonprojector="<hometheater:ColorTemperature:ON,60000" }

Number epsonLampTime    "Lamp Time [%d h]"  <switch>       { epsonprojector="<hometheater:LampTime:60000" }
Number epsonErrCode     "ErrCode [%d]"      <"siren-on">   { epsonprojector="<hometheater:ErrCode:ON,60000" }
String epsonErrMessage  "ErrMessage [%s]"   <"siren-off">  { epsonprojector="<hometheater:ErrMessage:ON,60000" }


sitemap demo label="Demo House"
    Frame label="Controls" {
        Switch     item=epsonPower         label="Power"
        Text       item=epsonSource
        Selection  item=epsonDirectSource  label="DirectSource" mappings=[20="COMPONENT", 32="PC", 48=HDMI1, 160=HDMI2, 65=VIDEO, 66=SVIDEO]
        Switch     item=epsonMute label="Mute"
    Frame label="Flip Projection" {
        Switch  item=epsonHorizontalReverse label="Horizontal Reverse"
        Switch  item=epsonVerticalReverse   label="Vertical Reverse"
    Frame label="Info" {
        Text  item=epsonAspectRatio
        Text  item=epsonColorMode
        Text  item=epsonColorTemperature
        Text  item=epsonLampTime
        Text  item=epsonErrCode
        Text  item=epsonErrMessage


First thing that comes to mind when devices like tty are involved:
did you add the openhab user to the proper groups?

sudo adduser openhab dialout
sudo adduser openhab tty