OpenHAB 1.8.3 stops catching Insteon FastOnOff

Has anyone else run in to this issue where OpenHAB (I’m on 1.8.3) seems to stop seeing the Insteon FastOnOff command? Upon startup, it seems to work fine, often for a few days. Then all of the sudden it no longer sees when I use the FastOnOff. The PLM/Hub registers is just fine as it responds accordingly, but OpenHAB just doesn’t see it happening. To correct it, all I have to do is reload the items file and everything starts magically working again. I haven’t seen any real errors that would indicate something is going wrong.

Any thoughts or suggestions for how to troubleshoot? Thanks!

PS - As a temporary workaround, does anyone know of a way to automatically reload just the items file (say in a rule)? I know the system checks every x seconds for updates to the file and loads it automatically but I’m wondering if there’s a way to force a refresh/reload of the items file without making any changes.