OpenHAB 1.8 and PICO UPS HV3.0

Anybody managed to get the PICO UPS HV3.0 working with OpenHAB 1.8 on a raspberry Pi 3?

I have the UPS and it works fine while running on raspbian lite with OH1 shutdown but as soon as I start OH1 it appears to cause some issue which stops the UPS detecting a power failure which results in the whole thing crashing rather than running on battery and then cleanly shutting down after 4 minutes if the power is not restored.

I’m using OH1 with only a few binding, the main one being z-wave for a Z-Stick Gen5, I know the UPS works fine with the USB dongle attached.

Raspberry Pi 3
Raspbian lite 4.4.35-v7+

openhab-runtime 1.8.3

openhab-addon-binding-exec 1.8.3
openhab-addon-binding-systeminfo 1.8.3
openhab-addon-binding-zwave 1.8.3
openhab-addon-persistence-rrd4j 1.8.3

Any guidance would be appreciated as I want to add UPS to ensure that my OH1 service remains up and stable.

If i get this working I’m planning on purchasing a better LiPO battery to extend the uptime.