Openhab 1 Fails to boot correctly

Each time I restart my raspberry pi, openhab fails to boot correctly as it gets stuck after the following:

2017-09-07 20:15:33.783 [INFO ] [.b.a.internal.job.JobScheduler] - Scheduled a daily job at midnight for astro calculation

I have to restart openhab x amount of times till it starts to work again.

Can anyone help me diagnose this issue please?

Sounds like a failing SD card to me. Look around for other symptoms like:

  • save a file and the file reverts to the old version
  • log rotate fails to work and your syslog or openhab.log file just continues to grow and grow and grow
  • delete a file and it comes back

Those are things I’ve seen. I’m sure if you search around you will find other symptoms.

If it is failing, get your config off of it ASAP, buy a new SD card and reinstall from scratch. Or if you were forward thinking, restore your backup on to a new SD card.

If you do have to rebuild from scratch I would recommend openHABian and the Migration Tutorial to upgrade to OH 2. You are all but starting from scratch anyway, may as well take advantage of the opportunity. :slight_smile: