Openhab 1: Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 not in database


I run Openhab 1.8, with org.openhab.binding.zwave-1.11.0-SNAPSHOT that I upgraded yesterday from$org.openhab.binding.zwave/

I just got a couple of Fibaro Door/Window sensor 2, and i have included them into my zwave network. But they don’t seem to be in the product database, so they only show up as "Fibaro System [ID:1000, Type 702] in my habmin 1 interface.

I cannot find the Door sensor 2 in the Product explorer of the habmin 1 interface.
I did find it in Chris Jacksons z-wave database though,

Can anyone help me get it into the zwave binding file for me so I can start using the sensors?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards


You should be able to use the device in OH1, even if it’s not in the databse. In OH1, the database is “only” used if you want to change the devices configuration (which you may want to of course!).

Otherwise you need to export the XML and create a PR in OH1 on Github. If you don’t know how to do that, maybe someone can help…

It seems I can’t use it without it being in the database. If it works like the previous Fibaro item i bought, where I had to put the z-wave controller in association group 1 for it to transmit status. Without access to that setting I cannot receive status updates from the door sensor 2.

I found the Door Sensor 2 in the databas Rikoshak linked to, but i cannot find it in Habmin 1 Product Explorer.
So, if anyone can assist me in getting it into the jar-file please?

I am very much a novice here, I have no idea what a “PR in OH1 on Github” is. I hope someone can find some time to help me?

I’ve added it to the OH1 database so it should be available once CI compiles again.