Openhab-2.0.0 stable :: failed packages

i’ve installed the new stable version on my raspberry.


i cant not found the basic-ui frontend, which was available in version 2.0.0-b5.
Also i missing the mqttitude bindings, xml-mapping & telegram binding.

Before i had installed on my raspberry this version"openhab2-online-2.0.0.b5.deb".

can anyone help me ? THX.

Where are you looking for these addons? In PaperUI?

BasicUI should be under UIs

Mqttitude is now called OwnTracks.

I’ve never heard of XML-mapping. Do you mean XSLT or XPATH Transforms?

Telegram is there under Actions.

i think this ticket is obsolet.

i try now only the “openhab2” package version without “…addons” & "…“addons-legacy”.

can you clos ethis ticket ? thx

It’s not really a ticket, it’s a forum. I’m just a user like everyone else.

ok, sorry

No problem. Let us know if you have other problems or need explanations. This is one of the friendliest and most helpful forums on the internet.

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my failure was that i’ve ignored the addons.cfg file.

so i had only installed the minimal package over the frontend.

i’m very confused about packages in openhab2(minimal,simple,standard,expert,demo).

Documented here: