Openhab 2.1 system time one hour off

I just noticed that all my time references in my OH2.1 is one hour off (when it is 8:57 they will show 7:57). Also the openhab.log will show the time as one hour off compared to what it should.

I am running my OH2.1 on a QNAP NAS - and I have I checked the NAS’s time is correct.

So, the issue seems to be with OH2.1. Is there a setting somewhere which may need to be corrected ?

I just recently updated from 2.0 to 2.1 but didnt notice the issue before now - so I cannot say for sure that it is related to the update…

Did you also check the openHAB regional settings?

Configuration->System->Regional Settings->Time Zone

Hmm - I dont have any Time Zone settings under Paper UI->Configuration->Regional Settings ?

There, I can only set Language, Country / Region, Location, Script and Variant ?

Very strange… - but somehow fixed now ?

I checked my timezone / NTP settings on my NAS and here found a setting to “automatically adjust for summertime”. This was checked. I de-checked it - and could see that there were absolutely no effect to the NAS system time.

I then restarted OpenHab - just for good measure - and when it came up again, it shows correct time in logs and items.

Hmmm… Well - problem solved. Perhaps this can help someone who encounter that issue.