openHAB 2.2 raspberry missing LogViewer UI

I‘m new to this community. First i want to thank you for your great work. I‘m using raspian for my home automation and everything runs fine.
Now my question:
I have updated my Raspian from inside the sudo openhabian-config. Here the screenshot of the updated version.
Screenshot Raspian
In the openHAB2 Welcome page the UI for LogViewer is missing.

In Paper UI the User Interface is missing too so I can not install it.

I installed the optional component via the Configuration tool:

This is the installation report:

What can I do to implement the LogViewer UI?

or if you have running a apache / ngnix server

Thanks for your quick response. frontail is working good now and I can see the logfiles in my browser with port :9001.
But I still can’t find the Log Viewer component in my openHAB it is schown here:

What am I doing wrong?

Addon to add external links to openHAB dashboard

Super that works great
Many thanks :+1:


i run into the following error:

$ npm install -g frontail
node: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ ELF file's phentsize     not the expected size 
FAILED (frontail)

What can i do?

How to run mthenw frontail in background?