Openhab 2.3 installs all addons on it's own

Dear all,

I used chocolatey to install on a clean Win10 openHAB 2.3. Everything worked fine. Than I selected the Standard package: So far so good. But then I had to discover, that openHAB starts to install all addons: actions, bindings, etc. When I try to deinstall some of them, some I can’t and even some look to be installed after a while again… So I deinstalled openHAB and tried again, because I thought, I made a mistake during the installation. But I checked everything twice and still have the same problem…

Remove the addons package from /addons dir ?

thx, but there is no change (even after a restart from OH), still all addons are install and I can’t delete them… :frowning:

What does your openhab2 addons file look like?

The addons folder just contains the readme file. If I open addons on PaperUI, all addons e.g. Actions are marked with a blue icon and “uninstall”. If I click on “uninstall” the circle is spinning with no end. If I close the session and open it again, the circle disappeared and it marks “uninstall” again.

Btw. due the installed addons I get a lot of failure messages in the openHAB status window.

Please take a look at <conf-folder>/services/addons.cfg Maybe there are addons listed to be installed

Problem solved: I reinstalled OH and before the first start I deleted the addons file in the addons folder. Thank you for your help!

That file should look like this.

If something is defined in this file it will override PaperUI. Check that everything is commented out with # like in the screen shot.