OpenHab 2.3 not working with Wemo

You seem to have several issues within your installation.
What Java version is your synology running ?


Is it Oracle, OpenJDK or ZULU ?


WeMo Binding on Synology OH 2.3.001 instance:

I’ve been running the WeMo binding for 7 months now and I’m looking for advise on a scenario that is happening more often with a few of the plugs.

I have dozen WeMo devices (1st gen plugs, 2nd gen plugs and wall switches). What I’m finding is the some of the plugs (1st & 2nd gen) do NOT react to the commands for hours or days and all of sudden they will again.

No errors in the logs; shows the commands executing fine; PaperUI shows them online.

I’ve removed them through the PaperUI and re-added them back hoping that would fix it. I’ve cleared the cache/tmp MANY times w/o any luck. It’s kind of a crap shot with a couple of them currently now.

They are completely firmware updated. They work using Alexa voice commands consistently; thinking it was a WiFi issue. Since Alex voice commands work; rules out WiFi.

Is there is a newer WeMo binding I can download and manually install vs. the PaperUI verson I have installed?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Best, Jay

As usual, my first question: Java version?
There is no newer WeMo Binding, as my time is extremely limited atm.
I am working on a redesign, but cannot state when it will be ready for testing or released.
What we did find our, some WeMo devices change their port from time to time, but in that case you should find errors in the log.

I thought maybe it could be a port thing also; so a few months ago I started using a Google tool called Paping which pings a specific port. Myt thinking process was it would keep it open and broadcasting on the network on that port. It basically runs every 10 minutes 24x7 from a Windows 2012 server.

Here’s the syntax:

paping -p 49153 -c 4

Am I correct with the port being 49153 ? If not, what is the correct port OH uses for it?

FYI, I’m running the same Java version (8.0.161) I installed originally (June 2018) during the build up of OH .

Best, Jay

what Java? Oracle, OpenJDK or Zulu?
Can‘t find a post where you told me.
The port WeMo devices react to is autodiscovered through UPnP, to se which, you need to set log level to debug.
To do so, enter openHABs Karaf console an type

log:set DEBUG org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.wemo

You should now see the SOAP calls in the logs.

Hi Hans,

I’ve turned on WeMo Logging this morning in the logging cfg file; I will report back in a day with results to see what devices are crawling up port numbers.

I’ve followed the port changing issue with one of them that I’m having the most trouble with.
49152, 49153, 49xxxx Local web service calls. First two are used most of the time, but numbers can increase. -p 49152 - no reply -p 49153 - no reply -p 49154 - reply

If I unplug the plugs that I’m having the most issues with and plug it back in; the port will start back on -p 49152 but will crawl to the other ports in a hours/days later.

It looks like OpenJDK is the Java version because it’s referencing security vulnerabilities fixed on this version against OpenJDK; on the description of the Java package.

I have no issues discover/re-discovering WeMo devices - FYI

Best, Jay

Just to chime in here…I’ve been running on 2.3 for quite some time with no issues. I’m using the Oracle version of Java on a Windows Server installation.

I’m only using WEMO for the coffee pot, so my experience may not match those using appliance modules or switches.

Just thought I would provide a note that it is working for some on 2.3


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Here’s my WeMo List of Items when the debug logs get posted to cross reference. I never had issues with the SWITCH_ devices. Just issues with a few WALLPLUG_ devices.

Switch Switch_Backdoor_Light						"Backdoor Light [MAP(]"			<wallswitch>	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:lightswitch:Lightswitch-1_0-221736K1300F26:state" }
Switch Switch_Frontdoor_Light						"Frontdoor Light [MAP(]"			<wallswitch>	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:lightswitch:Lightswitch-1_0-221622K130115C:state" }
Switch Switch_Basement_Light						"Basement Light [MAP(]"			<wallswitch>	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:lightswitch:Lightswitch-1_0-221736K1300F5B:state" }
Switch Switch_Hallway_Light							"Hallway Light [MAP(]"			<wallswitch>	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:lightswitch:Lightswitch-1_0-221838K1302422:state" }
Switch Wallplug_Jays_Office_Light					"Jays Lamp [MAP(]" 				<poweroutlet> 	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221742K0118E30:state" }
Switch Wallplug_Living_Room_Light					"Livingroom Lamp [MAP(]" 			<poweroutlet> 	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221620K01013B1:state" }
Switch Wallplug_Loft_Light							"Loft Lamp [MAP(]"				<poweroutlet>	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221739K0103039:state" }
Switch Wallplug_Master_Bedroom_Left_Light			"MB Left Light [MAP(]" 			<poweroutlet>	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221612K0102B49:state" }
Switch Wallplug_Master_Bedroom_Right_Light			"MB Right Light [MAP(]"			<poweroutlet>	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221710K010228E:state" }
Switch Wallplug_String_Lights						"String Lights [MAP(]" 			<poweroutlet> 	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221609K0100F65:state" }
Switch Wallplug_xMas_Tree							"xMas / Salt Lamp [MAP(]" 		<poweroutlet> 	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221749K0102A74:state" }
Switch Wallplug_Loft_Dehumidifier					"Loft Dehumidifier [MAP(]" 		<poweroutlet> 	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221749K0102FCD:state" }
Switch Wallplug_Basement_Dehumidifier				"Basement Dehumidifier [MAP(]"	<poweroutlet> 	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221749K0102E6D:state" }
Switch Wallplug_MyLamp								"Tricias Lamp [MAP(]"				<poweroutlet> 	(WeMo)		{ channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-22B8B1K01028F4:state" }

Best, Jay

Hi Jay,
I would strongly recommend to switch to Oracle Java as many issues reported by other users running OpenJDK were solved when switched.

I have the same problem under OH 2.4 after exactly one day. The binding works exactly 24 hours. See attached files.

events.log (32.8 KB)
openhab.log (872.4 KB)

Hi Hans,

I have upgraded now to Oracle Java 8.192 on the Synology. I did a clean reboot with cleaned up cache/tmp directories afterwards. Lets give it a day before I upload the WeMo debug logs.

For those on this thread; here’s how to do this on a Synology.

Java8 provides centralized management to help you upgrade or view the status and version of Java on your Synology NAS. After installation, OpenJDK will be used by default. To increase compatibility and performance, Java8 also provides an interface to upload Oracle JDK.

Upload Oracle JDK

Oracle JDK has a better compatibility with applications using older APIs. It also gives better performance on Synology NAS servers running on ARM. To upload Oracle JDK to Java8, click the Install Java / Upgrade Java button and then follow the onscreen instructions. The filename and format of the uploaded file will be checked before installation.

Linux x64 182.87 MB jdk-8u192-linux-x64.tar.gz

Best, Jay

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As i wrote in my earlier reply, you seem to have some more issues within your installation. For example your earlier logs complained about two different versions of Denon/Marantz Binding.

I already saw that there are some errors reported by jupnp, the underlying UPnP implementation.
This is a hint for me that WeMo emulation your devices use is not 100% compatible to the Binding.
I am sorry to say that I will not be able to support you, as the WeMo Binding was never intended to be used with emulated devices. It would be to difficult to cover all different WeMo emulations, especially as I don‘t have those devices at hand.
If there are issues with real WeMo devices, I will be able to help.


I’m 24 hours into the upgrade of Java on the Synology w/o any WeMo issues yet.

Best, Jay

Hi Hans,

I’m seeing a BIG difference on reliability now with the new Java version installed on the Synology for OpenHab 2.3. I’ll keep you posted if something changes. Thank you very much!

I did see in GitHub they release OpenHab 2.4 for Synology; waiting a bit before I go down that upgrade path. I’ve heard this upgrade fixes alot of other stuff.

Best, Jay

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I’ve created a bounty to have the WeMo binding updated to dynamically follow port changes on it’s next version.

Best, Jay

Sorry, will not be able to provide an update in short time. In the meantime, you could try the following:
When WeMo devices become unresponsive, trigger a scan for new WeMo devices in PaperUI.
This should update existing devices.
Please post here if this works, we then can create a workaround.

Please check