Openhab 2.3 running on an USB/Raspberry Pi 3+ not accessible on my laptop


I’ve got a strange issue here and it does not make sense. I have my raspberry pi OS (Rasbian) and OH running from my USB. I can access it from one laptop via wifi, but not from another laptop I have or from my iPhone (same wifi network).

When I use my SD card, which is a clone of the USB stick, everything works normal.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


A easy way to install openHAB an Raspi is openHABian
For Pi 3+ use 1.4.1

I know but it seems that there a lot of issues getting the wifi working and to move it to an usb stick. I just want to figure this out as it looks really weird that you can access it from one laptop and not from another.

I’ve got wifi working in OpenHABian but when I move it to my USB it doesn’t work anymore. I decided to keep it on my SD card for now. Cheers hr_2 .

How did you clone your OH2 on usb to Micro SD Card ? i have same problem and now i want to move to SDCARD. Please do needful.