openHAB 2.4.0 (Build #1414) Rules editor but only if days of the week

Function doesn’t allow selection of days.


It’s called the Experimental Rules Engine for a reason. It’s not complete. It’s not documented. It’s not yet ready for general use.

The docs state:

Note: If you use it, this is at your own risk. Especially, you should not expect any documentation besides what is available on the Eclipse SmartHome website.

It may be the case that there is a bug though it is more likely that this just hasn’t been implemented yet.

I believe the developers are in the process of writing a whole new scheduler which will replace this anyway.

Thanks for the feedback it was working ok on 2.3

Any solution?

I’m also experiencing this problem.

It is related to JS error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'days' of undefined
    at (OPENHABURL/paperui/js/app.js:1:4706)
    at OPENHABURL/paperui/js/angular.min.js:16:56
    at ja (OPENHABURL/paperui/js/angular.min.js:81:35)
    at m (OPENHABURL/paperui/js/angular.min.js:66:274)
    at g (OPENHABURL/paperui/js/angular.min.js:58:481)
    at m (OPENHABURL/paperui/js/angular.min.js:66:214)
    at g (OPENHABURL/paperui/js/angular.min.js:58:481)
    at OPENHABURL/paperui/js/angular.min.js:58:119
    at OPENHABURL/paperui/js/angular.min.js:62:492
    at d (OPENHABURL/paperui/js/angular.min.js:59:474) <div day-of-week="" multi="{{parameter.multiple}}" ng-required="{{parameter.required}}" ng-model="$ctrl.configuration[]" class="dayOfWeek col-xs-12 configContainer ng-pristine ng-untouched ng-valid">

under which github repo this should be posted as issue?

EDIT: This issue is also present in latest 2.5 snapshot

Issue is already opened: