Openhab 2.4.0 stops updating

Hi guys.
I’ve been having a very strange problem that I’m not able to solve.
My OpenHab sometimes stops updating everything.
All the UIs (HabPanel, PaperUi, etc) work fine, but nothing no item is being updated in the system.
There is no error logs and all the services are in running status.
If I reboot the system, everything starts to work again normally.
Does anyone have similar problem?

Thank you all

What bindings do you have installed? How did you install openHAB?

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In general this is likely a problem with a specific binding that deadlocks and holds the scheduled threads, blocking other bindings from updating thing states. To see what binding threads lock you can issue the following command on the Console :

threads --monitors --locks

This will likely give a lot of information. Look for lock and binding. If you post detailed information also include all version info.

Thank you very much.
I guess that I had mqtt v1 and v2 at the same time and they were blocking.
I uninstalled v1 and until now no deadlock…

Good job figuring it out on your own and welcome to the OpenHAB community!