OpenHab 2.5.12 for rpi image file

Hi all,

It might be a very stupid question but I looked all over the internet to find an image file for rpi of the very latest OH2 installation.

Anyone who can help me out on this?

You can select to use OH 2 in openhabian.

I already tried that but it gives an error :frowning:

I will do the process again and let you know what happens

You will need to give us a little more info before anyone can help.

So fist of all in the config tool I’ve changed the Brand to OH2
Then I went to menu 40 and selected Downgrade to OH2

And after that I got this error:


Now you have possibly messed up your system.
It would not have given an error if you had installed from scratch (= flashed another SD card).
As you have been asking for an image it was implicit that installing from scratch is what you would do :roll_eyes: .

It’s a fresh install so it doesn’t matter

Just wanted to show what I’ve tried so far. Because the downgrade is not working I started looking for the V2 image file.

Therefore my question

On your next question(s) please explain all of this upfront. You are wasting people’s time when you don’t.

How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

It was in my first post what I was looking for…

And if you had read the docs you would have known that it does not exist.
Reading docs and searching the forum BEFORE posting as explained in the link above is a question of respect for the people that spend their time to help you and others here.

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Well, if you would have replied that earlier, you would have saved “your” precious time! Thank you for going way off topic and the “help” on providing an OH2 image…

Have a nice day

A note on openHAB version 2

openHABian was created to provide a seamless user experience with the current openHAB software, that is currently version 3.X. openHAB 2 will continue to work on openHABian, but openHAB 2 support is no longer actively maintained and the software will only receive select patches deemed necessary by the maintainers of the project. If you need openHAB 2 support please use the stable branch of openHABian. You can switch branches using menu option 01 in openhabian-config but ATTENTION you cannot up- or downgrade this way and you cannot arbitrarily change versions. There’s a high risk you mess up your system if you do. The image will install openHAB 3 by default, to have it install openHAB 2, set clonebranch=stable in openhabian.conf.


You can actually set a number of parameters before you run an unattended installation. This applies to the RPi image on an SD card as well as to a manual installation. You can also try with a different set of parameters if your initial attempt fails:

  • Flash the system image to your micro SD card as described, do not remove the SD card yet
  • Access the first SD card partition (it’s a vfat/FAT-32 (Windows) filesystem so just use the file explorer of your client PC)
  • Open the file openhabian.conf in a text editor
  • Uncomment and complete the lines to contain the parameters you want to set
  • Save, unmount/eject, remove and insert into the RPi and boot it
  • Continue with the instructions for your hardware

Mind the comments for each configuration parameter. Browse the next documentation section for more explanations.

Markus probably wrote most of this above. It is not practical to expect the maintainers to maintain multiple versions. I am thankful for all the work they put in.

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