OpenHAB 2.5 + EnOcean + Eltako FT55 + FTK


I have installed openhabian on an Raspberry 2:
openHAB 2.5.7-1 (Release Build)

There is an USB 300 EnOcean Dongle online - working.

I try to add two different physical devices:

  1. Window contact: Eltako FTK
  2. Rocker Eltako FT55

My former OpenHAB 1.8 installation was working, here my item configuration (examples):
Contact Bedroom_Contact “Fenster Schlafzimmer” (groupGF_Bedroom,Windows) {enocean="{id=01:9A:A9:92, eep=D5:00:01, parameter=CONTACT_STATE}"}

Switch Schlafzimmer {enocean="{id=FE:FA:E6:7F, eep=F6:02:01, channel=A}"}

What I did on OpenHAB 2.5:

  1. Added enocean.cfg in …/openhab2/services with serialPort=/dev/ttyUSB0
  2. in PaperUI: Added thing Enocean USB300 Dongle (online)
  3. Tried a lot adding things/channels/items in PaperUI. All things “online”
  4. I do not get any events from the devices (items)

Logfile (Level=DEBUG):
2020-08-19 10:22:43.371 [DEBUG] [ernal.transceiver.EnOceanTransceiver] - RADIO_ERP1 with RORG RPS for FEFA2E06 payload F670FEFA2E063101FFFFFFFF2D00 received

2020-08-19 10:22:43.695 [DEBUG] [ernal.transceiver.EnOceanTransceiver] - RADIO_ERP1 with RORG RPS for FEFA2E06 payload F600FEFA2E062101FFFFFFFF2D00 received

2020-08-19 10:22:52.423 [DEBUG] [ernal.transceiver.EnOceanTransceiver] - RADIO_ERP1 with RORG _1BS for 019F6FB6 payload D509019F6FB60001FFFFFFFF5B00 received

The first two entries come from pushing the Rocker.

The last entry comes from a Window contact.

  1. What is the best way to add/configure EnOcean things (PaperUI or files)?
  2. What made I wrong? How can I add devices?
  3. Do you have examples for my devices or hints for documentation?

Thanks a lot

I’d go with files, esp. for these simple devices as autodiscovery in PaperUI doesn’t work well with these.

My enocean.things for one of my FTKE

Bridge enocean:bridge:gtwy "EnOcean Gateway" [ path="/dev/ttyUSB0" ] {
Thing mechanicalHandle FEFAF2XX "Fenster links Schlafzimmer" @ "Schlafzimmer" [ enoceanId="FEFAF2XX", receivingEEPId="F6_10_00" ]

The corresponding item:

String eg_sz_fenster_li   "Schlafzimmer links [MAP(]" <contact> (gSchlafzimmer, g_vFenster, gEG) 


Hi Markus,

thanks a lot for your help! I got it to work now.

Here my description:

File enocean.things:

Bridge enocean:bridge:FFE83500 "EnOcean Gateway" [ path="/dev/ttyUSB0" ] { 
    Thing contact TH_Window_Bureau_Andreas  "Fenster Büro Andreas" @ "Büro    Andreas" [ enoceanId="019E70C9", receivingEEPId="D5_00_01" ]

    Thing rockerSwitch TH_Button_Alarm "Alarmanlage  @ "Raum" [ enoceanId="FEFAE67F", receivingEEPId="F6_02_01" ]

File enocean.items:

Contact Window_Bureau_Andreas  "Fenster Büro Andreas [MAP(]" <contact> (gWindows,gBureauAndreas) {channel="enocean:contact:FFE83500:TH_Window_Bureau_Andreas:contact"}

No entry for rockerSwitch!

In a rule we can use the Channel of a rockerSwitch directly:

rule "Test Schalter Down"
    Channel 'enocean:rockerSwitch:FFE83500:TH_Button_Alarm:rockerswitchA' triggered DIR2_PRESSED
		sendCommand(Kitchen_Switch_Light, ON)

Give some time for window contacts (solar powered) because they need up to 30 minutes to initialize!


Hi Andreas,
glad it works now.

You could bind the rocker channel to an item, depending on if you eg. want to visualize the state or trigger rules then on an update on that item.
But triggering on a channel directly from a rule is of course perfectly fine.